May 29, 2023

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PENTAX pocket camera price – As we all know, the Pentax manufacturer is a camera manufacturer where they also produce various types of cameras, Pentax itself is quite famous not only in Indonesia. The Pentax company was headquartered in the United States before this company came from Japan under the name Asahi Optical Co. Ltd. Where this company concentrated on producing various types of camera lenses, but precisely in 1958 they succeeded in selling camera products in the United States under the Pentax trade auspices.

That’s why the quality and features that are capable of Pentax cameras no longer need to be doubted, apart from that the slanted price makes Pentax cameras continue to be hunted by photography lovers. The name Pentax actually comes from an abbreviation of the words “Pentaprism” and “Reflex” which means that Pentax is indeed an expert in camera lenses. And now the manufacturer that has issued a lot of Pentax products is called Pentax Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporaion.

PENTAX pocket camera price

PENTAX pocket camera price

Most of the Pentax camera users feel satisfied after using Pentax cameras. Besides that, Pentax manufacturers also always present quality cameras and the features in them are also new features that are currently trending. Another advantage of Pentax pocket cameras is also the price side, you could say that this company always presents quality cameras but equipped with affordable prices.

One of the current trending features is waterproof, this feature is highly sought after because you can use a camera with a waterproof feature to take pictures underwater. Of course it is very different from a camera with a splashproof feature because this camera cannot be used to take pictures in water, because this feature is only resistant to splashing water and cannot be immersed in water. Waterproof is currently so sought after for those who like underwater views, the basic advantage of a camera with a waterproof feature is its sturdy body. Even so, cameras with waterproof features also have limitations in water, but these cameras can be used to take pictures while snorkeling.

Pentax Pocket Camera Prices Topnotch Specifications As Follows

Camera Type Specification New price
Pentax Optio VS 20

Pentax Optio VS 20 pocket camera price

  • 12.1MP
  • Optical Zoom 20x
  • 16 MP
  • LCD screen 3 inches
  • Shake reduction sensors

IDR 1,190,000

Pentax Q7 02 Standard Lenskit Zoom

The price of the Pentax Q7 02 Standard Lenskit Zoom pocket camera

  • 1/1.7″ 12MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor
  • Shake Reduction System
  • Fast and precise autofocus
  • Full HD Video, H.264 Codec

IDR 3,825,000

Pentax MX 1 Classic

Pentax MX 1 Classic pocket camera price

  • Optical zoom 4x
  • Full 1920 x 1080 HD
  • 1/1.7-Inch 12 mega pixels
  • 15 Digital filter effects

IDR 4,125,000

Pentax E90

Pentax E90 pocket camera price

  • User friendly in both functions
  • Captures quality images
  • Easy to use

IDR 9,182,000

Pentax Optio H90

Pentax Optio H90 pocket camera price

  • High quality
  • Captures quality images
  • Easy to use

IDR 11,883,000

Pentax Optio LS465

Pentax Optio LS465 pocket camera price

  • User friendly in both function and design
  • Unparalleled lighting performance
  • Easy to use

IDR 9,652,000

Pentax Digital Camera Q10 Zoom

Pentax Digital Camera Q10 Zoom pocket camera price

  • Sensor Type CMOS
  • Sensor Size 1/2.3″
  • 12 Megapixels
  • 3″ LCD Screen

IDR 2,950,000

PENTAX Optio LS465

PENTAX Optio LS465 pocket camera price.

  • 1/2.3″ CCDs
  • 16 Megapixels
  • 7.2X Digital Zoom
  • 5X Optical Zoom

IDR 1,153,900

PENTAX Optio [WG-3]

PENTAX Optio pocket camera price [WG-3]

  • 16 Megapixels
  • 4x Optical Zoom
  • 7.2x Digital Zoom
  • 3.0″ TFT LCD Display

IDR 3,465,000

How interested in buying a Pentax camera? Okay, let’s continue discussing cameras with waterproof features, besides being equipped with a sturdy body, cameras with waterproof features are also equipped with body features with rubber seals that will cover all cavities or ports in the camera, apart from that, this type of camera is also equipped with optical zoom. which is unique, that is, there are no parts that stick out in front of you even if you do the maximum zoom. Furthermore, the lens will move sideways in the camera body, so it will not be visible from the outside when zooming. Of course this is to maintain the body to keep it watertight, and that is what makes this camera superior.

However, every camera also has its own advantages and disadvantages, including cameras with waterproof features, the unique zoom results in a limited lens diameter so that the maximum aperture is relatively small. Even though a camera with a waterproof feature is a waterproof camera, it doesn’t mean that the camera is resistant to salt substances, so it would be nice if you finish using the camera, you can wash it with fresh water so that the salt in seawater can dissolve, you can spray the camera with fresh water or dip in fresh water until the salt substance can dissolve and disappear. That’s the information about Pentax pocket camera prices, hopefully it can be useful for you and those around you.

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