May 28, 2023

An easy way to learn English – Part of speech is a core part of a language, including English. You are unable to understand the meaning of a word, there is no clear reading, nothing to say, and no words to assemble without a part of speech. This is the gist of a sentence, even a word-group phrase.

In English, parts of speech are divided into eight types. Some call it Nine, but we chose the traditional concept where there is the number eight. Below, there is a brief explanation of each part of the speech itself. Please watch and pay close attention.

Verb (Verb)

A word used to express action. Examples are, like, go, play, drink, eat, and read.

Example of sentences :

I play football in every morning.

I likes apples.

I dream big.

Noun (Noun)

A word or name about an object or a person. Examples are, dog, mouse, book, Denny, home, television, and cat.

Example of sentences :

I watched tv.

denny ask me a question.

We have two dogs.

Adjective (Adjective)

A word that describes or describes a noun. Examples are, beautiful, mad, crazy, handsome, bad, good, kind, and thin.

Example of sentences :

I have a beautiful paint.

We meet a mad dogs.

This is a bad idea.

Adverb (Adverb)

Describes or explains the verb, adjective, or adverb itself. Examples are, quickly, really, continuously, cruelly, correctly, and easily.

Example of sentences :

I run quickly.

My friend answers all questions correctly.

this event will be held continuously.

Pronouns (Pronouns)

Acts as a substitute for a noun whether it’s something or someone. Pronoun has seven members, all of which are, they, we, I, you, she, he, and it.

Example of sentences :

Doni is my friend and heis older than me.

Jaka told me a nice story. Heywas so great to tell every story.

We go to the park before itclosed.

Prepositions (prepositions)

Used to link words in sentences. Examples are, at, on, in, to, against, after, and but.

Example of sentences :

I will leave this city on monday.

I’m hungry but this food is really bad to eat.

We went to the campus together.


Used to link clauses or words in a sentence. Examples are, and, but, when, because, and before.

Example of sentences :

We have to ride fast, beforeit rain.

I will come here next week andyou will follow me afterward.

I remember when the first time I saw you.


A short exclamation that is often included in a sentence. Examples are: hi!, well, oh!, ouch!.

Example of sentences :

WellI don’t know what’s going on here.

Ouch! That’s a great Idea.

Those are the 8 types of parts of speech along with a brief explanation in them. Hope to give you the best understanding.

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