June 8, 2023

In today’s May 23, 2023 episode of Pandya Store, Dhara’s mother was surprised to see Dhara standing outside their front door peering through the glass. In a panic, he quickly closed the curtains and urged Arushi not to open the door. Despite his mother’s fears, Arushi excitedly opened the door and Dhara sternly warned her to stay away from Shiva. Dhara explains that they had lied to Shiva about his condition, so it is better for Arushi to leave Raavi and Shiva alone. Arushi asks Dhara about the flaws in his proposal to Raavi, and Dhara replies that he won’t let anyone manipulate Raavi’s emotions.

Pandya Store written updates

Pandya Store Written Updates

After that, Dhara’s mother came into the living room with a long veil and offered her mango juice, Dhara turned away after making her point clear. However, her mother gently tells Dhara that whoever gives the first mango juice of the season to her closest associate, their relationship remains harmonious throughout life. He even invites Dhara to think of her as a mother while Arushi introduces her own mother to Dhara.

After listening to his mother’s words, Dhara took a sip of mango juice. As Dhara’s mother gives her a blessing, Dhara takes her hand and confirms that mentioning her mother’s name caused everything in her life to crumble. Arushi was annoyed when she saw her mother preparing mango juice for Dhara, as she vividly remembered her mother’s reaction when she brought some mangoes.

Krish enters Prerna’s room at the Pandya House and, after locking the door, warns her about Shivank. She informs him that Suman suspects her to be involved with Shivank, but Prerna disputes Krish’s doubts. When Krish tried to persuade him to listen using his eyes, Prerna withdrew his hand from his grip. Krish leaves annoyed, muttering that he was just trying to alert Prerna about Shivank’s evil intentions. Meanwhile, Shivank promises Shweta that he will not outsmart her again, though she reprimands him for saving Dhara, Krish, and Prerna from jail.

Dhara and Krish disguise themselves as doctors to get Shweta’s blood sample when they arrive at the hospital. In a separate scene, at Arushi’s house, she insists her mother drink mango juice even though her mother is allergic, leading to a confession from her mother about never eating mangoes out of guilt for ruining Dhara’s childhood. Arushi became angry, feeling overshadowed by her mother’s actions, while her mother tried to justify herself by saying that she was trying to love her two daughters equally. Arushi contacts Shiva and arranges a meeting for his mother to confront Dhara. And the episode ends here.

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