June 8, 2023

Google has introduced personalized features to the Chrome web browser on desktop. With more than 2.65 billion users worldwide.

The browser will now offer enhanced customization options, allowing community members to explore different themes and colors.

With customized suggestions, Chrome first tracks user choices and displays options accordingly.

Here’s How to Customize the New Desktop

Currently, this new customization feature is only available to Chrome desktop users. The newly added side panel in the Chrome browser coupled with various gradient colors, allows users to completely change the appearance of the browser according to their preferences.

“You can test different colors, themes and settings in real time by accessing a new tab in Chrome and clicking the ‘Customize Chrome’ icon in the lower right corner.

A new side panel will open with the available customization features. Here, you can experiment with different features and easily see how they will appear on the New Tab page when you make your changes.

Our new drawer remembers your custom edits while you’re at it,” reads an official blog post by Google.

The Chrome browser has expanded its collection of background image options, adding more choices to users.

In addition to the available categories such as ‘Landscapes’ and ‘Seascapes’, users will now get additional categories based on region and artist’s heritage.

Additionally, Chrome users now have access to a wider selection of background image options, including categories such as Native American Artists, LGBTQ Artists, Latino Artists Collection, and Black Artists Collection.

Additionally, Chrome has plans to introduce images captured or influenced by additional artists and communities in the near future, expanding the range of customization settings available to users.

The tech giant has added a glimpse of the upcoming features Chrome users can look forward to, along with a formal announcement made via a tweet on Twitter.

“If you have trouble choosing just one image, you can enjoy rotating backgrounds by clicking on any collection of themes and activating the ‘Refresh daily’ toggle.

Or, unless you’re using Profiles to separate your work and personal accounts, try giving each Profile a different background and color to differentiate them,” the blog says.

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