May 28, 2023

Names of beaches and seas on the island of Java – Home Topic Class 5 Geography of Java Island Flag map image Topic 1 Class 5 Page 32 33

Pay attention to the map in the previous lesson, write down the geographical conditions of the island of Java based on the map, discuss the class 1 answer key topic 5 pages 32 33 with details of topic 1 4 animal locomotion.

Names of beaches and seas on the island of Java

Before working on the questions, first read the material in the grade 5 textbook so you can answer correctly. Check out the discussion below.

Know the Number of Islands in Indonesia and the Location of the Largest Island

The border of Java Island is north = Java Sea and Kalimantan Island. East = Bali Strait and Bali Island. South = Indian Ocean and Cocos Islands (Australia). West = Sunda Bay and Sumatra Island

Names of beaches on Java Island: Pangandaran Beach (West Java), Kerita Beach (Banten), Anir Beach (Banten), Prangkrits Beach (Jogjakarta)

The name of the mountain on the island of Java: Mount Serimi, Mount Papandayan, West Java. Mount Indus, Mount Sumbang, Central Java. Mauna Lao, Mauna Ijen, East Java.

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