June 4, 2023

Name the Stages of Imperfect Metamorphosis – , Jakarta – Metamorphosis is a strange process. Metamorphosis is a gradual change in body shape, from larva to adult.

According to the Big Indonesian Online Dictionary (KBBI), metamorphosis is a change in shape or composition; Change in shape (for example, from a caterpillar to a butterfly).

Name the Stages of Imperfect Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis occurs in insects and amphibians. In some insect species, such as butterflies and dragonflies, the larval form is very different from the adult form.

The Process of Metamorphosis In Butterflies

However, there are certain types of insects that look the same as hatchlings and adults. For example crickets, cockroaches and grasshoppers.

Based on this process, insect metamorphosis can be divided into two, namely perfect and imperfect metamorphosis. Each type of metamorphosis has its own characteristics or characteristics.

Frogs are another type of animal that undergoes complete metamorphosis. The sequence of complete metamorphosis in frogs starts from egg-tadpole-young frog-imago (large frog).

Mosquitoes also include animals that experience a complete metamorphosis phase. The sequence of metamorphosis in mosquitoes is egg-larva/larva-pupa-imago (adult mosquito).

Know the Life Cycle of a Butterfly With Its Complete Metamorphosis

Butterflies go through stages of metamorphosis like mosquitoes. The complete metamorphosis sequence in butterflies is egg-larva-pupa-imago (adult butterfly).

Bees undergo a metamorphosis process similar to butterflies. The complete metamorphosis sequence that bees go through is egg-larva-pupa/cocoon-imago (adult bee).

The sequence of ant metamorphosis is because ants are insects that undergo complete metamorphosis, so the stages that are passed include egg-larva-pupa/cocoon (adult ants).

Cockroaches are insects that have an incomplete metamorphosis stage, where the newly hatched cockroach looks exactly like the old cockroach. This stage begins at egg-nymph-imago.

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In a biological genus or class, cockroaches have thousands of species, which is why cockroaches around the world can have different types and shapes.

Grasshoppers also have a similar phase, where the stages of metamorphosis start from the image of an egg nymph. The stage of preparing adult crickets for mating and reproduction is usually 40 days after hatching.

Unlike butterflies, baby dragonflies have the same body shape as adult dragonflies. This group of insects are never far from the water, where they lay their eggs. The stages of metamorphosis are egg-nymph-imago.

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