May 29, 2023

Definition of Faith in the Apostles: Names, Attributes, Duties, Wisdom, Functions – Faith in the apostles is the fourth pillar of faith, Muslims must believe wholeheartedly that Allah has sent His messengers to mankind at every age to direct people to the right path. In order for humans not to go wrong in purifying, glorifying and worshiping, humans need messengers. The Apostle gets the task from Allah SWT to guide people in their lives so they don’t get lost.

The definition of faith in the apostle is to believe that the apostle is truly the messenger of Allah SWT. who is given the task of guiding his people to the right path so that they are safe in this world and the hereafter.

Names of Apostles that Must Be Believed

Definition of Faith in the Apostles Names, Characteristics, Duties, Wisdom, Functions

The following are the names of the Prophets that we must believe in, namely:

  • Prophet Adam As.
  • Prophet Idris As.
  • Prophet Noah As.
  • Prophet Hud As.
  • Prophet Sholeh As.
  • Prophet Abraham As.
  • Prophet Lut As.
  • Prophet Ismail As.
  • Prophet Ishaq As.
  • Prophet Yaqub As.
  • Prophet Yusuf As.
  • Prophet Ayub As.
  • Prophet Shu’aib As.
  • Prophet ZulkiFli As.
  • Prophet Musa As.
  • Prophet Harun As.
  • Prophet Dawud As.
  • Prophet Sulayman As.
  • Prophet Ilyas As.
  • Prophet Ilyasa As.
  • Prophet Yunus As.
  • Prophet Zakaria As.
  • Prophet Yahya As.
  • Prophet Isa As.
  • Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Prophet’s Characteristics

Mandatory Nature

  1. Mandatory nature is the nature of the apostle which is highly commendable and avoids reprehensible traits. The mandatory characteristics of the apostle are as follows:
  • Sidiq means telling the truth.
  • Trust means trustworthy.
  • Fathonah means smart.
  • Tabligh means delivering.

  1. The Prophet’s Impossible Nature

The impossible nature possessed by the apostle is as follows:

  • Kizib means lying.
  • Betrayal means untrustworthy.
  • Baladah means stupid.
  • Kitman means to hide or curse.

  1. Nature of Magic

  • The nature of jaiz, namely the nature of basyariah (human nature), such as eating, drinking, sleeping, and others.

The Mission of the Apostles

The Messenger of Allah has several duties, including the following.

  • Convey Islamic teachings to humans and invite them to worship Allah.
  • Explains all the problems of religion sent down by Allah.
  • Guide people to good and away from evil.
  • Bringing good tidings (heaven) and warning (hell).
  • Improving the human condition.
  • Set a good example (words and deeds).
  • Upholding the Shari’ah of Allah and practicing it in the midst of mankind.
  • Improving the testimony of their people on the day of kiawat, that the apostle has clearly conveyed the mission received.

The Wisdom of the Apostles

The following is some of the wisdom sent by the apostles, among them are:

  • Freeing humans from the habit of worshiping God besides Allah.
  • As a good role model for humans.
  • In order to pass human proof by sending messengers, so that there is no reason for them to argue against Allah.
  • Informing people about unseen issues that cannot be reached by reason, such as the names and characteristics of Allah, news about the Day of Judgment.
  • Repairing, cleaning, purifying the human soul, warning of things that can damage it.

The Function of Faith in the Messenger of Allah

The following is the function of having faith in Allah’s Apostle.

  • Increased faith in God by knowing that the apostle is truly God’s chosen man.
  • Want to practice what the apostles said.
  • Trusting the tasks he carries to be conveyed to his people.
  • Love and respect the apostle more for his struggle.
  • Get a good example to live life.
  • Get God’s grace.
  • Understand the procedures for monotheism, faith / ber’aqidah and true worship.
  • Guidance to the right path for salvation in the afterlife.
  • Become an intermediary to know God with all His perfect attributes.
  • Can distinguish between right (good) and wrong (bad).
  • Make a role model of the Prophet’s behavior in everyday life.
  • Become a bridge to true happiness.

Signs – Signs of faith in the Prophet and Messenger of Allah SWT

Knowing that there are 5 (five) Prophets and Apostles who are included in Ulul Azmi namely Prophet Muhammad SAW, Prophet Ibrahim AS, Prophet Musa AS, Prophet Musa AS and Prophet Nuh AS. Ulul Azmi is a Prophet and Apostle who is known to have extraordinary patience and fortitude in facing obstacles or trials from his people.

Knowing with all my heart that the Prophets and Messengers of Allah SWT. It has noble qualities.

Exemplifying the morals and personality of the glorious Apostles of Allah SWT. In each of the Prophets of Allah SWT must have noble morals and personality, which must be emulated by mankind

Fully acknowledge that the Prophet and Messenger are human beings chosen by Allah SWT, who are assigned to convey the revelations and teachings of Islam to mankind so that they are used as a way of life.

Practicing the teachings of the Apostles of Allah SWT, a person who believes in the Messengers of Allah SWT. It will clearly justify and practice the teachings of the Apostles in everyday life.

Difference between Prophet and Apostle

  • Apostles are chosen people who are given revelations by God for themselves and have the obligation to deliver revelations that God has given to their people.
  • The prophet is a chosen human being who is given revelation by Allah for himself but is not obliged to convey it to his people.

Thus a brief discussion regarding the Meaning of Faith in the Prophet: Names, Characteristics, Duties, Wisdom, Functions, I hope that this discussion can add insight and knowledge to all of us, and we thank you for listening to our review. If you find our review useful, please share it 🙂

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