May 29, 2023

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Modification of the All New CBR Motor to Make it Faster

Install the All New Yamaha R15 VVA Intake on the Aerox 155 – Make Downdraft More Fun

Yup, making downdraft airflow in injection motorbikes is fun. This system is usually used on sport motorbikes such as the Yamaha YZF-R25, All New Honda CBR250RR and Kawasaki All New Ninja 250 2018. Downdraft is usually preferred over sidedraft, because the incoming air can be faster. This downdraft system is superior to the sidedraft because it is driven by gravity, which helps the air and fuel mixture enter the combustion chamber more quickly.

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In addition, the position of the injector is closer to the inlet valve, making power more responsive. Well, this system was implemented by Henry Yulianto on his 2017 Yamaha Aerox 155. With an intake manifold that belongs to the Yamaha All New R15 VVA, but you can’t install it right away. “The intake of the All New R15 is shorter and slightly straighter than the Aerox 155. Apart from having to make a new gas strap mount, you also have to break into the trunk to allow airflow to enter the throttle body,” said the man who lives in Cibubur, East Jakarta.

Not only that, the intake manifold hole is also larger than the standard Aerox 155 cylinder head inlet. “So, you have to port the standard Aerox 155 head a little first so that the results are maximized. Because, the All New R15 VVA manifold hole is a little bigger,” he added. “Suitable for motorbikes that have been upgraded or bore up which are destined for racing. Because by using the All New R15 VVA intake, the lower pull is more aggressive until the top engine speed is still powerful. In fact, the machine is still standard ting-ting. We will try the dynotest to see the change in power,” said Nying-Nying, her nickname.

However, according to Nying-Nying, you can still use the All New R15 VVA intake manifold as long as you make a few more adjustments. “Such as having to look for a bent intake rubber or an elbow like Samco’s O size 1.5, so you don’t have to open the trunk. However, the results are definitely not optimal, “concluded Nying-Nying.

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