June 4, 2023

Mention At Least 3 Other Materials That Function As Insulators – 1. Explain the meaning of grains, tubers and nuts! 2. explain the meaning of food processing 3. what is known about semi-finished products? give an example 4. name 3 people from semi-finished products and grains and tubers 5. how to make typical Indonesian food from grains and tubers 6. what are the advantages of processed foods compared to semi-finished products 7. what are the advantages of the function of carbohydrates for the body What foods contain carbohydrates Name 8. What do you know about rice? 9. Name the types of rice that you know? 10. Mention 5 examples of processed foods made from tubers *please answer yes

1. The term “cereal” comes from the name of the Roman goddess of agriculture, Ceres. Cereals are known as grains or seeds, which are a group of plants whose seeds or grains are taken as a source of carbohydrates. While the meaning of grains and tubers is: legumes and tubers grains are food ingredients whose main source is carbohydrates and comes from the use of tubers and nuts.

Mention At Least 3 Other Materials That Function As Insulators

Seeds are seeds that are larger than grains that are used as food for humans and animals. Legumes are usually obtained from plants of the Fabaceae family. Meanwhile, as defined by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the legume group does not include legumes such as peas, chickpeas and edamame which are harvested by children.

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