May 29, 2023

Today we will tell you about Tony Caddrick. People are very happy to know about him. People tell the truth about him on the internet. We will share some information related to them with you. We’ll tell you a few things about his family and his age. We hope you liked this article, so without delay let’s get started on the article. Scroll up to read more details.

Melissa Caddick's husband

Melissa Caddick’s Husband Has An Affair With Koletti

Anthony Caddick, known as Tony Caddick, is an Australian businessman who has received media attention due to his connection to the high-profile case of his ex-wife Melissa Caddick. Tony Caddick was born and raised in Australia, although specific details about his age and place of birth are not publicly available. He is known to be married to Melissa Caddick, a well-known financial adviser.

Tony Caddick

The couple married on April 20, 2000, in a ceremony held at Garrison Church in Millers Point, Sydney. They both have a baby boy, now he is 14 years old. The couple were previously based in Sydney, Australia, where Tony was involved in his own business ventures. However, the couple later moved to the affluent suburb of Dover Heights, where they lived in a multi-million dollar home.

Melissa Caddick

Who is Tony Caddick?

Tony Caddick’s career history is relatively unknown, and he has yet to reach the same level of fame as his ex-wife. Melissa Caddick is a leading financial adviser, known for managing the finances of wealthy clients across Australia. He founded his own company, Maliver Pty Ltd, which was later found to be operating without the necessary permits from financial regulators. The couple’s marriage eventually fell apart, and they separated in 2013. Following their split, Melissa Caddick was accused of defrauding her clients of millions of dollars and is the target of an ongoing investigation by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

In November 2020 Melissa Caddick went missing, triggering a high profile search operation. His body was later found in February 2021, washed up on a beach on the New South Wales south coast. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance remain unclear, and an investigation is ongoing. Throughout the events involving his ex-wife, Tony Caddick has largely avoided media attention and has not publicly commented on the case. There is little publicly available information about his current personal or professional situation. Here we have shared all the information with you about Tony Caddick, Melissa Caddick’s First Husband. So keep an eye on Social Telecast.

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