June 4, 2023

saparapi.id – There is a viral video circulating of the suspect in the persecution of David Ozora, Mario Dandy Satriyo being able to attach and remove cable ties by himself in his hands.

The appearance of the video immediately became a hot topic of conversation on social media. Even related to this, it also sticks out in trending searches.

So what’s the video that’s circulating regarding Mario being able to attach and remove the cable tie himself in his hands?

Quoted from CNN Indonesia, Mario Dandy Satriyo, was caught on camera being able to remove and attach cable ties to tie his own hands.

The video recording the incident went viral on social media.

In the circulating video, Mario can be seen taking the cable ties that are on the table.

Then, Mario put his hands into the cable ties and tightened them.

Furthermore, in the video, Mario conveys his regret and apology for the legal case that ensnared him while smiling.

In this regard, David’s family representative, Alto Luger, admitted that he was not surprised by the special treatment that Mario received.

According to him, the video has further strengthened the family’s reason for losing trust in law enforcement officials.

“The family is amazed, but not surprised by the special behavior this suspect has received from severe maltreatment. Like the open letter I wrote three days ago, we once trusted law enforcement officials, this video is proof that the loss of trust in law enforcement officials is very reasonable,” Alto said when confirmed, Friday (26/5).

Alto considered that what was seen in the video not only showed that Mario had no regrets for what he had done, but also showed arrogance.

He believes Mario still feels that his family can buy justice.

David’s Attorney

David’s family attorney, Mellisa Anggraini, also commented on Mario’s video via a tweet on his Twitter account, @MellisA_An.

He considered that the prison clothes and cable ties worn by Mario were just accessories.

“Smile without regrets, untied cable ties, orange clothes with accessories, sitting on the sofa and in an air-conditioned room, the treatment for this official’s son is extraordinary. So now I want to get a light punishment because David is starting to get better physically,” wrote Mellisa.

Meanwhile, Polda Metro Jaya Criminal Investigation Director Kombes Hengki Haryadi did not want to comment on the viral video.

“To the Head of Public Relations, yes,” he said briefly.

As for today, Mario Dandy and Shane Lukas have been transferred from Polda Metro Jaya to the South Jakarta Prosecutor’s Office.

The two are officially detained by the prosecutor’s office and detained at the Cipinang Detention Center.

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