May 28, 2023

Lyrics of the song Ati Iki Dudu Dolanan – NEETIP KANGENI Many nights have passed, I can’t sleep but I always remember you. Your kindness calms my heart. Even beauty only heals my desire.. I don’t need to feel lonely like someone else’s heart. longing in the light of the stars %&Arum !wind of flowers, cut this wish. I’m the same as you, in this body. .Not only do I miss you, when I see you I feel like a stranger. My father sleeps in your memory.. I’m restless inside, if the bright stars don’t see you, they won’t let me miss you. when I’m with you..KA’)NG EMA#Golden chain around her neck#now blue again,fading like your love,fading like your heart#aiki ko! don’t forget me My gold necklace has been bought

I just can’t stop loving you. My love is only for you. Don’t forget me, my heart is broken. My heart is broken. I’m crying because you did it. What’s wrong with me+What’s wrong T*E#N+Pangang e Suryo But my eyes are dark#in the moon the pain in my heart is growing Too bad I can’t help you but actually I’m a liar Paang e Suryo But my eyes are dark

Lyrics of the song Ati Iki Dudu Dolanan

The moonlight adds to the pain in my heart Trisno, which is not only for you, but actually I lied to you, the flower of love on your lips, actually you are loyal to me, actually you are. my heart hurts, he really hurt you, he really hurt me, he lied to me, enough sa’ri and my songs. I say goodbye to my journey.

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