May 28, 2023

Ldb Exercicios Com Gabarito – 101. The Secretary of the City Education Office concludes that he has fulfilled the competency requirements in his field. However, he said, only 20% of the funds allocated to the Constitution had been spent on Education Management and Development (DKA). Hence, he decided to start a high school after allocating 5% of the funds for compulsory education. Considering the current decision of the LDB, it can be argued that: a) the Secretary acted in accordance with the law, having met the capacity requirements, eg early childhood and primary education; b) Although the secretary’s behavior is commendable, it is not subject to the law, because the city government stipulates that she only works in the children’s and primary school sectors; c) even if the Secretary meets the capacity requirements, he does not respect the LDB, because he must use more than the minimum percentage of resources regarding the protection and development of education in the Constitution; d) The secretary does not respect the LDB, because the funds provided by the city government cannot be used for opening secondary schools; For example, it could invest in improving the quality of school lunches in primary schools; e) The secretary does not participate in the LDB because if there are funds, they must be used for school infrastructure work. 102. Analyze the truth of the following statements. I. It is the permanent goal of the responsible authority to achieve an appropriate relationship between the number of students and teachers, the workload and the physical condition of the institution. II. It is up to the relevant education system to define the parameters of satisfactory learning conditions, taking into account existing conditions and local and regional characteristics.

Including the number of teachers in relation to the number of students. I, I, I. Primary and secondary education curricula should have a common national basis, with components that vary according to the regional and local characteristics of each education system and school institution, society, culture, economy and client. (They are) right: a) I and II b) I and III c) I, II and III d) II and III e) III, only 103. According to national education guidelines and principles, in art. 13, teachers are responsible for: a) informing parents and guardians about student attendance and performance; b) development of corrective strategies for low achieving students; c) provide facilities for the rehabilitation of students who perform poorly; d) Ensure quantitative compliance with scheduled school days and lessons. 104. Mark T if the statement is true, or F if the statement is false. The purpose of basic education is to guide the growth of learners, their minds and productive abilities for the benefit of society. () Wrong. () That’s right. 105. Concerning National Education Institutions, LDB, Law no. 9.394/1996, stipulates that the responsibilities under Title IV are shared between the Societies, States, Federal Districts, and Municipalities. Therefore, according to Art. 11: “Organization of early education in day and preschool centers and primary education with priority” takes place in: a) urban sectors; b) Country;

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