June 4, 2023

GB Whatsapp – Talking about the modified application, it is closely related to GB WhatsApp. Not without reason, considering that this application is quite safe because it is free from restrictions.

Developers themselves frequently update and fix bugs for users. The most popular chat application currently used by many people is WhatsApp. Of course, you also use it.

If you don’t want to use regular WA, you can use WhatsApp GB. This application has undergone several modifications by third-party developers so that it can be referred to as the WA Mod.

As for the function itself, it is definitely different from the original version of WhatsApp and is more complete and interesting to use.

So, below we will explain in full about GB Whatsapp. For a full review, please see below!!

What is GB Whatsapp?

What is now known to the general public is the WhatsApp application which is small in size and very easy to use. But it’s not uncommon for people to want to use it with better features, so the WA application is modified with a variety of complete and interesting features.

GB WhatsApp is also quite easy to use and suitable for beginners because the design is also very simple. Apps modified by third parties can give you their own fun and create a unique experience.


This is of course very useful for users. Therefore, many don’t hesitate to use GB WA as their daily chat application.

Some of the things that attract users are benefits such as being able to change the topic of conversation as they wish, removing the blue highlight in conversations, not knowing what other person you are typing, and so on.

However, it should be noted that this application is an unofficial modification by WhatsApp Inc., or it can be called a third party, so there is definitely a prohibited threat.

Features of GB WhatsApp 2022


You need to know what features it offers. This will make you believe, or reconsider, or not this modified application.

Its use must be accompanied by caution in making decisions. So find out more about the features that WhatsApp GB has in store for you.

Below are some of the types of features that the application has available, see the full review below:

1. Can Manage More Than One Account

The first benefit introduced is that you can use 2 or more than one WA account. WA GB Official will provide fun facilities.

In fact, it will be beneficial for business owners as they can use their personal account and business account in one device.

2. Unlimited Themes

You can use themes for free and not only use GB WhatsApp. This feature is provided so that when you open WA you never get bored with the same topics.

In addition, you can create the desired theme design. You can also share themes with your friends who use GB WhatsApp. Fun is not it? Because the topic is one of the interesting things that can be innovation.

3. Hide Message Status

Whereas in WhatsApp itself, there are 3 types of messages sent or received to users, namely:

  • Check Onewhich can indicate that the recipient of the message is not active on WA.
  • In Two Blue Tickcan indicate that the received message has been read by the recipient.
  • Check Two Grayi.e. the message was successfully sent, but the recipient has not read it.

Some people will find this message status very annoying so many want to hide the message status.

By using the modified WA, you can activate the feature to hide your message status from being seen by other users, even when you are in the WhatsApp application.

4. Sending Large Capacity Files

In sending messages, you can only send with a maximum capacity of 16MB in the original WhatsApp application. It looks different if you use a modified WhatsApp which can send more than the specified maximum capacity.

For example, audio files can be sent up to 100MB, while data in the form of videos, photos and other files can be up to 50MB in size.

Apart from that, you can also do this if you want to make a WA story with a fairly large file size. This will not affect the quality of the video you are trying to upload to the story.

Apart from the quality of the video, the maximum duration of a status that can be made is 7 minutes, so you don’t need to re-trim the video in the story you want to make.

5. Increase the Amount of Media

To post photos, you can take a maximum of 10 original photos in one post. However, sometimes it feels less effective when you want to post more photos.

A great feature of GB WhatsApp is that it can send up to 90 photo files in one post. This is effectively used by businesses looking to send photo content to sales groups.

6. Can Download Stories

Sometimes WA users are interested in stories that their friends are working on, be it in the form of photos or videos. Unfortunately, if you want one, you have to ask to be posted by the owner of the story first.

Of course this doesn’t apply to WA that has been modified because it can be downloaded directly without having to contact friends first.

7. Password feature

Security is absolutely necessary, especially for private applications that can be accessed by anyone who holds your phone. In WhatsApp GB, you can lock messages or apps with pre-generated passwords.

That way, your secret messages and conversations won’t spread as easily. The reason is because this feature is only available in the modified version and not in the original WhtasApp version.

8. Custom Fonts feature

Having an app with different fonts is great fun and you won’t get bored. Usually, WhatsApp only has a bold, standard, or italic font.

When you use GB WhatsApp, you can choose from many fonts to use in it. Of course, to be able to use this function without having to do root. Choose an attractive font and don’t make the chat messages monotonous for your readers.

9. Avoid Banned Accounts

The anti-ban feature has long been expected from modified apps because it can prevent the account you are using from being locked out.

Unofficial apps published by developers are definitely banned and WhatsApp GB is no exception.

To solve this problem, this modified WhatsApp application is expected with an anti-ban feature that you can activate first. This is for security when you use modified applications that have interesting features.

10. Reply to Messages Automatically

Suitable for official accounts, business people, or those of you who are too busy with lots of deep conversations. You can use this feature to reply to messages automatically when the message sender enters your WA account.

You can extend this functionality by specifying what message content you want to send and when to send automated messages.

There are so many formats that can be created, such as messages that will be replied to as soon as possible, the owner is busy, resting, and so on.

The Latest GB Whatsapp (WA GB) Pro Application 2023 Free Download Only here !!

This feature is in the WA mod which is indeed very interesting to access. It’s no wonder that many users are starting to switch to this type of WA mod for various reasons.

So, below we have prepared a special link or link for those who want to access the GB WhatsApp application. Click the link below to download it!!

Application Name GBWhatsApp Official
Version V3.6.2 (latest)
Size 52.23MB
Downloads here!!

Phone Specifications Required

While these mod apps are increasingly in demand, few pay attention to the specifications of the phones they use.

In fact, this is important because the developer of this application has made several mod versions of their own WA. This is done in order to improve the quality and convenience of use.

Make sure the remaining RAM on your Android phone is at least 1GB. This is to make the application more comfortable to use so that it is not easy to delay or force close.

How do you want to use this WA mod? In general, users are very satisfied with GB WhatsApp because it has additional advanced features. In addition, in those types of modified applications, namely, they must be more secure than others.

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Those are the reviews that we have specially prepared for those of you who want to use or who want to access the GB Whatsapp application. We have prepared a safe link to use. Hope this review can be useful for you, thank you!!

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