June 8, 2023

saparapi.id – Talking about live applications is endless, right! This time there is a list similar to the severe Chinese live apk, namely Vietnam Live APK. In this post, we will list the worst live streaming applications from Vietnam this year.

But before we start, let’s first argue that the apps on this list aren’t originally made in Vietnam, right! But bad live apk which has many vietnamese users. Now, if you understand, let’s proceed to the discussion and see the following collection of live applications.

Latest and Most Popular Vietnam Live APK

kiki live

Below we have compiled a list of some of the most severe no-ban and free Vietnam live streaming apk list which is free with no lock space.

1. Dream Live

Next is the live jio apk aka Dream Live APK, it is one of the banned free live streaming apk for pa5c0l dream. Here you will get entertainment that is different from other live apk bars.

Because besides being able to do live broadcasts, you can also stream video calls. So you can get VCS while live broadcasting simultaneously. How embarrassing isn’t it?

That’s why Dream Live is a live VCS apk that p4sc0l often uses to find new friends for video calls.

Oh yeah, but there are two versions of Dream Live, guys. The green live app has more bars than the orange version. So make no mistake, check the link below.

2. Mango Live Purple

Furthermore, there is a Vietnamese live application that is not inferior to Bigo, namely Mango Live Purple. This is another version of Mango Live Mod Apk. With a new theme with shades of purple, Mango Live provides live entertainment that will keep us all entertained.

Because there are many new hosts from all over the world who are always live every day. And of course there are lots of lovely Vietnamese hosts here. But unfortunately, because the Mango Live apk is too new, it is not available on Google Play or the App Store. But you can still get it below.

3. BIGO Live

The first Vietnam live apk list is BIGO Live, who doesn’t know this free live app? In Indonesia, this live indo bar apk application is really exciting. Many great live broadcasts are broadcast in this severe live apk.

But apart from Indo, BIGO live apk is also well-known in other Asian countries such as China, Thailand, Korea, Japan, to Vietnam. So, if you are bored with Indonesian hosts, you can use this Bigo apk to search for live broadcasts from Vietnamese hosts.

You can get the application for free on the PlayStore. And for a more exciting version, you can get it via the link below.

4. KIKI Live

If you like looking for solid live videos, you should give this KIKI Live apk a try. Because there are many users in Vietnam who always broadcast live broadcasts steadily in private rooms.

But don’t worry, because this live show application does not have a lock room, aka all rooms have been unlocked since you first registered here.

With one condition, you must use the version we discussed in our previous article. Please check the link below.

5. Kiss Live

Kiss Live is a Chinese live app which is also famous in Vietnam. Because people in China and Vietnam are very similar. It’s just that the language is different. Other than that, it’s the most solid live show apk we’ve tried so far.

Apart from being free, this application can also record the screen. So if you have a live idol host you can immortalize it on your phone.

And actually it’s not only Vietnamese hosts, you can also find many Indonesian hosts on Kiss Live that are no less barbaric.

6. Boom Live

Boom Live is also included in the Vietnam live apk which is no less free than other free live apks. Here you can broadcast live stream freely to express whatever you want to show the audience.

Apart from that, you can also freely enter the live host room because Boom Live is without a lock room. So you may find more solid entertainment in a private space than a global space. If you want to try it, please click the following line.

7. Bling2 Live

So, next is a live apk which also has users from Vietnam and it’s really exciting because you can play games. In Bling2 live apk there are many live streamers who play games while coolmex and even wiki-wik and broadcast live.

Because here the host who gets a lot of gifts from the audience can get money. That’s why they go to the bar to get lots of gifts.

Either way, it’s a really fun app. You must try this live apk.

8. Cherry Live

Cherry Live belongs to China and Vietnam live 18 apk category, which is the most stable for online entertainment. With this app you will meet international live streamers who are definitely bad guys.

They are like professional presenters in presenting live events that can make the audience amazed and open their eyes at the same time.

Your eyes will get the freshest intake of vitamins. However, in the international arena, this live application is known as Chery Live 77.

9. VN Live

VN doesn’t mean Vietnam guys, don’t get me wrong. But we ourselves are not quite sure what the name VN means. But for sure this is one of the coolest live mod apk for you to use if you want to find a beautiful Vietnamese live broadcast host.

VN Live is the same as Boom Live which has been unlocked. You can freely enter any room you want to watch. In addition to live streaming broadcasts, this application has many games that you can play with friends in Vietnam.

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The final word

So, after reading several reviews of some of the Vietnam live apk above, have you made up your mind which choice to use? In our opinion, Bling2 Live and Dream Live are the best for having fun. Why?

At Dream Live we can get free VCS, and at Bling2 we can live while playing games, and watch gamers who are really barren.

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