June 4, 2023

Simulation games are still some of the idols gamers currently, one of them is this Lamar Idle Vlogger Mod APK game.

By playing this game, you will learn how to be one influencersfrom content creation to other small things that have never been thought of before.

The popularity of Android games has spread to other platforms, such as console games and online games for PCs or laptops. This has also encouraged game developers that were previously only available on PCs to make a mobile version of the game.

This game is still a little foreign to some people. Therefore, many don’t know much about this game, either in terms of gameplay or so on.

Download Lamar Idle Vlogger Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Download Lamar Idle Vlogger Mod Apk Unlimited Money

So that it is clearer and easier to understand. it’s better if you immediately download this application and try it yourself. But sadly, you cannot get this amazing modded version of the app via the play store. So, you can download it from the link we have provided below.

Game Name Apply for Idle Vloggers
New version 137-12-23
Size 110MB
Feature Free Shop Unlimited Money
Android version 7.0+
Apk files Downloads

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Gameplay Apply for Idle Vlogger

Gameplay Apply for Idle Vlogger

Lamar himself is the name of the main character in this game. At the beginning of the story, Lamar is having financial problems because he wants to borrow money from a bank. She says guys obviously need money to date a girlfriend or something.

However, the loan was not approved by the bank. His friend finally came up with an idea where Lamar suggested he borrow Harry’s cell phone.

Lamar is definitely one influencers but due to limitations he could not direct his talents.

Finally Harry came and borrowed the cellphone he had just bought. Of course, Harry didn’t leave his new cell phone behind. then he cut a deal between Lamar and Harry. Lamar offers to return the phone plus $200, but Harry declines.

Lamar finally agrees and the in-game mission begins immediately. You’re going to live, and after all, the money just keeps on coming. To multiply your earnings, we encourage you to watch videos.

There are also other tasks that are just as interesting. You should also know that there are different items that you have to buy in order to use them. Therefore, many are also looking for this Lamar Idle Vogger Mod application.

In the game there are lots of items that can be used including the following:

  • gravity
  • emotional
  • gown
  • Knowledge
  • statue
  • Garden behind the house
  • Garden and entrance
  • turned on
  • valley
  • camel
  • tripods
  • thought
  • microphone
  • improvisation
  • Camera
  • House
  • Hair and glasses

Each item can be upgraded using in-game money. Every time we do upgradesthere will be separate levels, and the higher the level, the higher the upgrade fee.

Missions & Levels

Missions & Levels

What exactly is the task we have to complete in this game. Their job is to give back to Harry by creating content so that later you can earn money by working hard.

But don’t worry if you have doubts about this game because overall this idle vlog app game is very interesting. It will definitely be more relaxed between you two.

How to Play Apply for Idle Vlogger

How to Play Apply for Idle Vlogger

For those who often play games with this genre, there will be no significant obstacles. Learn how to play viral games using the following tricks.

  • Open the game that is already installed.
  • Perform age verification.
  • In the first game, switch to chat.
  • You will do it directly.
  • You will earn money.
  • So spend money on your needs.
  • If you want to get more interesting high-quality items, you can upgrade what you like.

Advantages of Using Idle Vlogger Unlimited Money

Advantages of Using Idle Vlogger Unlimited Money

Of course, you will notice some differences when using the original and modified versions of this game. Among the many benefits the most common are the following.

No Ads

Ads will usually always be displayed between games. Or, as we explained above, namely to double the money generated.

Ads that keep popping up will certainly affect the comfort when playing games. Therefore, the developers of this game managed to remove those ads while playing the game for free.

Unlimited Money

You have to spend a lot of money to recharge in this game. For a game that’s just for fun, it’s a shame if we have to spend a lot of money.

By using the mod version of Lamar Idle Vlogger, there is an advantage that you can get automatically, namely unlimited money. In fact, this mod feature almost applies to games with other paid elements.

Free Download

Even though it has many benefits and features, you can easily get this game. This is because Lamar Idle Vlogger Mod apk is completely free to download.

Item Update

To upgrade items you can also use the update feature. One of the advantages of this mod version is that you can always update it for free whenever the original version has the latest update.

Free Shopping

You don’t have to think about money when you want to buy from the shopping list in this game. Why? This is because you can buy all the items in the game for free.

Apart from the many benefits that we have mentioned above. There are many advantages that you can get for free.

So the conclusion of this discussion is, if you find it difficult to play the game, the right and fast way is to use the mod apk version of the game.

You can download all mod apk games from our website page saparapi.id for free without paying at all.

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