May 30, 2023 – Residents of Tanjung Palas Urban Village regret PT Kilang Pertamina International (PT KPI) RU II Dumai due to lack of information and emergency response.

The community’s disappointment was expressed when dozens of residents gathered at the Alqiam Mosque, Jalan Tanjung Jaya, Tanjung Palas Sub-District, coincidentally beside the PT KPI RU II Dumai Refinery fence, Sunday (2/4) at 02.11 in the morning.

The Lurah, Untung Efendi, Chair of the LPMK, RT heads, along with dozens of Tanjung Palas Village residents, were also present. Dubai City.

The lack of treatment by a medical team that pays attention to public health after the devastating explosion made one of the mothers hysterical.

“My grandson is shocked, I don’t accept it,” said the mothers who are known to be named Rainah, with her Malay accent.

Meanwhile residents also regretted that there was no valid information regarding the sound of the powerful explosion. So that people are crowding at the PT KPI Gate just looking for information.

“We are raiding there just looking for information, what actually happened, whether it is dangerous or not,” said Feri, one of the Tanjung Palas community leaders.

Monitoring from the media, a resident also reported that his family had a broken hand.

He explained that when a loud bang occurred, the family panicked so they fell while running to save themselves.

Apart from that, a resident of Tanjung Palas was also reported to have fainted.

Due to the incident with the loud bang, dozens of residents of the Tanjung Palas Sub-District regretted the absence of PT KPI’s emergency attention for the residents who were said to be half ring.

Based on media monitoring, several residents’ houses experienced cracks and broken windows.

The appearance of a cracked Residential House

5 Factory Workers Taken to Hospital

Five workers who were victims of the factory fire were rushed to Pertamina Dumai Hospital, Sunday (2/4).

This was conveyed by the Comm Rail & CSR Area Manager, Agustiawan in a release on the PT KPI RU II & Media WhatsApp Group.

“There are 5 people affected in the operator’s room and are currently being taken to the Pertamina Dumai Hospital to receive the best treatment,” said Agustiawan in his statement.

It was also explained that the final condition of the 5 victims affected by the Pertamina Dumai Refinery fire was stable.

“The condition of the affected workers is currently stable,” he explained.

Agustiawan said, the Emergency Situation Team had succeeded in overcoming the incident in the gas compressor area of ​​the Dumai Refinery, Saturday (1/4).

The incident was under control around 22:54. Currently, refinery operations in the affected units have been temporarily suspended to ensure safety at the site. While other units continue to operate normally.

Currently the Team continues to focus on ensuring safe conditions.

Pertamina Dumai Refinery also continues to monitor to ensure that the community around the refinery is not affected by this incident.

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