May 29, 2023 – How to install the original WA GB meta MOD Tools on Android

It’s important for you to remember, when installing applied files outside the Play Store, a manual install trick is needed. Because, you need to give him access permission for the Install from Unknown Source option first.

In order to make it easier to install the original WA GB Meta Tools file, the admin will give you the complete tips that you can follow/apply:

  • The first point, make sure you have carried out the process of Downloading the Original WA GB Meta Tools via the link that the admin has provided.
  • When the file download process is successful, you do it, so it’s time for you to use the file in the features used.
  • Please enter HP Settings/Settings according to the model you have.
  • After that come to the Security and Personal Menu.
  • Then give permission for the Unknown Sources option by giving it a checklist or checklist.
  • After that, you can continue the placement by going to the Executive Files.
  • Decide Fetch Folder.
  • Please look for the GB WA Tools file then press and decide Install/Install.
  • Now you just have to wait for the file placement to be successful.
  • complete.

Those are the steps that you must apply if you want to place the GBWhatsApp Pro MOD Tools file on Android and iOS devices. However, each smartphone feature has a different Unkonwn Source option, you only need to adjust it to the gadget model you have.

Tricks for Changing the Original WA GB Meta Object

As explained by the admin above, the GB WA application is very popular with Android and iOS users because it has hundreds of beautiful and premium objects. All existing objects can then be used directly and for free.

So if you are bored with the appearance objects that are currently being used. You are free to change it with new objects without having to pay. The trick to changing objects in GB WA is quite easy, just follow the full tips as follows:

  • Please enter the GBWhatsApp application that you installed earlier.
  • Log in in general.
  • If you have successfully entered the GB WA Pro main page, you will immediately press the Three Line symbol.
  • After that, look for and then decide on the GB Settings menu.
  • Then you press the GB Object option.
  • You will immediately be presented with a variety of beautiful and interesting object options.
  • Please just determine the type of object that will be used for the appearance of WA.
  • If you have found an alternative topic, you can press the Install option.
  • The process of installing the object will occur and you only need to wait for it to be successful.
  • So immediately the appearance on your WA GB account will change according to the object that was previously determined.
  • Happy practicing.

Follow each of the steps that the admin provides above, if you want to change the appearance of objects on the GB WhatsApp Pro application. If you want to replace it with another object, all you have to do is repeat the tips above.

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Tricks to update the GB WhatsApp Pro apk version which is overdue

So that you continue to be free from the effects of being banned or blocking cellphone numbers from the official WhatsApp faction. You should be diligent in following the improvements from the GB WA Pro modder faction.

When the modder faction prepares the latest apk version for GB WhatsAp, you must quickly update the apk version as provided by the modder faction. Thus, you will remain free from all the effects of using illegal tools such as WA GB MOD Tools from

The question is, how do you update GB WA to the latest apk version? Pretty easy, but even so there are quite a few GB WA users who don’t know the steps. Therefore, if how do you want to update the GB WA apk version, please read the lesson below:

  • In general, you have to run or enter the GB WA application first.
  • Then on the main page of the program you can press the Point Three option.
  • There will be an alternative menu, you decide directly on the GB WA Settings menu.
  • After that, scroll until you get an alternative Update option, please click to enter it.
  • That way, you will get a link to the latest apk version for GB WhatsApp from the developer.
  • Please press the update link that you are watching, so you are automatically transferred to the official website page.
  • Right now you just need to look for the Take option and then press it.
  • The process of getting the latest version of the GB WA apk will occur automatically.
  • Please wait until the download process is successful.
  • complete.

That’s just the technique to circumvent the banned account effect from the official official WhatsApp faction that you must apply. By following all the steps that the admin has given you, you will

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