May 31, 2023

Rohil (at first glance) – The cheap and fast Internet program in rural areas was directly inaugurated by the Regent of Rokan Hilir (Rohil) Afrizal Sintong SIP at the Bangko Mukti Penghuluan, Bangko Pusako District.

After it was inaugurated, the development of the cheap internet program in rural areas also continued to be accelerated. In fact, currently has reached 200 houses.

For this reason, the Kadiskominfotiks Rohil Indra Gunawan SE MH asked the icon to speed up the delivery of materials to the bangko pusako location because many people are really waiting for the internet connection.

“Installation of a cheap internet connection in the village of Bangko Mukti is currently continuing and being rushed,” said Indra Gunawan when confirmed, Saturday (27/5/2023).

With the continued development and the high public interest in the program, Indra asked the developer Pt Immortal Indonesia as an icon plus partner to continue to empower new workers in the village to be involved in carrying out the installation.

“This is very extraordinary and it turns out that this program can also add new jobs for local communities. The regent keeps asking us to carry out supervision because this is all for the benefit of the community,” he concluded.

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