June 4, 2023

In the latest episode of Imlie on 26 May 2023, Imlie is stunned to see a sleeping baby covered in a red sheet in the seat behind her. It immediately reminded him of Kerry, who used to sleep in the same position. As he hands money to a beggar, thoughts of how connected he is to Kerry run through his mind. As the Rana family enjoy their morning tea, Devika expresses her joy about their trip to Goa and how it strengthened her bond with Atharva.

Imlie written updates

Imlie Written Update May 26, 2023

As the bus continued on its way, Kerry got up and urged the drivers to stop. The conductor noticed Kerry and asked about her friend, which Kerry pointed out to her daughter’s mother in the front seat. Kerry gets off the bus while Imlie waits for her taxi. Upon arrival of the taxi, the driver asks Imlie to leave her luggage in the back seat. Meanwhile, Kerry tries to sneak into the car without revealing his whereabouts to Imlie. Imlie sits beside the driver, while Kerry hastily sneaks into the backseat and whispers about seeing her mother soon.

Rudhra admits to being the cause of Rana’s family misery and admits to the consequences of her actions. Imlie, on the other hand, reaches her goal and is overwhelmed with memories of Atharva when she opens the door. Kerry was shocked by the size of the house where her mother lived. Meanwhile, Cheeni talks to Anu, who expresses her hope that Kerry never returns due to their bad luck with Imlie and herself. He urges Cheeni to get closer to Atharva, but Cheeni reveals that without Kerry, they are both alone, informing Atharva of Kerry’s absence when he approaches.

Kerry gets excited when she enters the nursery and sees the toys, but quickly hides behind the curtains when she hears footsteps. Upon entering the room, Imlie sobs while taking her baby cloth. On seeing Atharva’s photo frame, he mutters about his leaving Devika. Frustrated, Atharva slams a chair and insists that Cheeni is not responsible for not looking after Kerry. He insists that Cheeni is not Kerry’s mother, which shocks him and causes tears when Anu overhears their heated conversation. In her dream, Imlie imagines Atharva holding her hand and giving comfort while Keya screams behind. Catching everyone’s attention, he shows them the footprints and informs them of the break-in at their residence. And the episode ends here.

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