June 4, 2023

I’m Sorry Meaning – I miss you, I’m sorry, lyrics and translation by Gracie Abrams which was released on April 8 2020 from her latest album Mminor (2020) complete with song meanings and lyrics meaning I miss you, I’m sorry, the Indonesian version.

The song titled I Miss You Sorry is sung by Gracie Abrams, a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles.

I’m Sorry Meaning

The lyrics to I Miss You, I’m Sorry are about Gracie Abrams’ constant fear or anxiety of breaking up. He and his girlfriend fought from time to time, but this time it resulted in a breakup.

How To Say Sorry In Indonesian

Gracie argues with her boyfriend that breaking up wasn’t the right move, they better make up. After all, they already have experience and get things like that.

He said, “Forever”, I ended up crying

I didn’t want to leave, I thought I would make the situation worse

(He said, forever, and I almost bought it) I didn’t want to go, I thought I would make it worse.

Another Way of Saying I Am Busy

(I remember the fight at your old house) Everything I know brings me back to us

(breaks down food in frustration) I didn’t want to leave, we’ve been there before

(I still love you, I promise) Wherever I go, I bring you back

(nothing happened the way I wanted) I didn’t want to leave, I thought I would make the situation worse

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(Every corner of this house is haunted) Everything I know brings me back to us

(And I know you say don’t talk) I don’t wanna go, we’re already here

(But I miss you) Wherever I go, I bring you back

After knowing the meaning and translation of the lyrics of Missing You, Sorry, now it’s more fun to sing and enjoy Gracie Abrams’ songs, because I already know the interpretation, facts and meaning of the lyrics.

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Something about the strange surroundings made him ten times more shy and embarrassed.

You’ve totally stepped out of your beginner’s comfort zone, and now you’ve messed something up so much that you have to rely on your language skills to get out of trouble and say “sorry” in Indonesian.

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