June 4, 2023

Easy ways to learn English – There are ways to write fast English articles for beginners. Writing is something that is closely related to English. This, is a skill or ability that must be honed. However, it is not an easy matter to write English articles, because sometimes writing phrases correctly is very difficult.

We will give you an understanding of techniques or how to write articles quickly. Even though the grammar you have is still considered bad, it doesn’t matter. Ok, here’s a technique for writing articles quickly especially for beginners.

Determine the theme of your article

What title or theme of the article will you make? About learning, natural sciences, languages, or tourism? Determine in advance the existing theme of your article concept.

Find Article References

To make an English article, of course you need a reference right? There is no story where you just write directly unless the mind already knows all about the article. There are three references that we recommend especially for you. Within article directory sites such as, www.ezinearticles.com, www.buzzle.com, and www.articlesbase.com, you will find references to the articles you want to search for. How to find the article is very easy, take a look at the following image.

The image above shows a search made to the Articlebase.Com site by typing the keyword “how to lose weight fast” in the search field (of course the keywords must be in English). Then, press search and you will get lots of article references.

Copy to Google Translate

It will be very writing if we rely on personal abilities that are still mediocre and then want to write quickly and without copying. Please open www.translate.google.co.id, then copy the article you choose.

Look at the image above and notice on the left that the article is in English while the right is in Indonesian.

Rewrite Indonesian Articles

Indonesian language articles on the right please rewrite using Indonesian with very standard words. Rewrite it until it’s finished and make paragraphs that have the same idea, but have different words.

Copy To English

Copy the Indonesian article that you just made back into English, then edit the grammar or grammar that is less standard. On average, editing is not that complicated and only takes a few minutes.

Then, make your own English article, with a high level and breadth of diction, and as good as other standard English articles. Good luck trying to make English articles quickly above.

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