June 8, 2023

saparapi.id – For those of you who like VCS, in this post saparapi.id will share tips and tricks on how to get free VCS.

There are lots of internet users out there, both women and men, who like to do VCS (Video Call Streaming), ranging from free to paid.

For paid ones, finding VCS friends is very easy as long as we have money. But, what if it’s free? So, for free, there are actually lots of random video call and streaming video call applications that you can download for free on the Google Play Store.

But the problem is, sometimes some applications provide a private room feature, where you have to use coins to open a room. And as we know coins are virtual currency for some live apps like china live apk, free live apk and other live apk bars.

So, of course we have to top up with money to be able to open the private room. Loh, not free right? Eits, wait a minute! That’s the reason we made this article, because here we have a vcs apk recommendation that you can use for vcs for free.

How to VCS Free Without Application

Free VCS Way

How to? Yes, we know that one of the features of WhatsApp is video calling. Well, most users use the WhatsApp video call feature for vcs.

Then, how do you get the original wa vcs number? Don’t worry, because we have already shared it in our previous article. In this article, we have shared a collection of vcs wa groups whose members are very passionate about vcs.

So you can invite members in the group to create vcs with you. Apart from that, we also share a collection of WA VCS numbers that we have tested and are still active.

So, to join the group, check the vcs wa group link below:


Well, that’s all for our discussion this time about how to get free VCS without spending a penny to satisfy your desires. Please check the links we have shared above for more information.

And don’t forget to share this article with other Indonesian friends. Hopefully this article can be useful for loyal friends of saparapi.id who have read this article to the end.

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