June 4, 2023

How to Send Higgs Domino Chips to another account – Fans of the Higgs Domino Island game should definitely read this article. Because on this occasion admin saparapi.id have the opportunity to discuss a way to send Higgs domino chips to other accounts.

This tutorial was created for sure for the right reasons. Because according to searches there are still many who are looking for ways to send chips easily and practically. Because some higgs domino game users still don’t know about this method. So from that here the admin wants to discuss it.

But before we discuss the method, the admin wants to explain first about the game and what the chip is. Because for new users who are just getting to know and playing this game, of course there are still those who are confused about the game and the chip. So, see, guys, for the explanation.

Overview of the Higgs Domino Game

How to Send Higgs Domino Chips to Another Account

Higgs Domino is a very popular game and many people play this game. There are many interesting games available in this game which makes this game even more popular and famous. This game provides various games such as cards, dice, slots, spins and others.

Apart from playing in this game, you can also get various rewards which are distributed at certain events. A very common reward in this game is a credit reward starting from 10 thousand to 25 thousand. Not to mention other rewards such as shopping vouchers and others.

To be able to play this game, of course you need capital in the form of currency in the game. The currency is usually called chips. This chip will allow you to enter every game for betting materials.

Now, for more details about the chip, see the explanation. After that, we will discuss more about the chips in the Higgs Domino Island game.

Chip Higgs Domino Island

As the admin said above. The chip is a currency in the HD Island game. With the chip you can play various games in the higgs domino game. Apart from winning, there are many ways to get chips as your playing capital.

For example like daily login. Then there are chips that are issued if you lose one day 3 times the chips you get for defeat. Then there is an invite friend chip. And there are many other ways to get a chip.

Well, one of them is by sending a chip from a friend’s account to your account or vice versa. However, this method is still very few people know about it. So there are lots of searches about it. But over time you can easily get the tutorial.

And here you will also find the way. For this reason, we will share how to easily and practically send higgs domino chips to other accounts. So those who don’t know and are looking for this method. Listen to the explanation here regarding this method.

Requirements Can Send Chips To Other Accounts

How to Send Higgs Domino Chips to Another Account

To be able to send chips to other people’s accounts, of course, there must be conditions that must be met in order to be able to send the chips. And you should see the explanation below about what conditions must be met to send a chip.

  1. Higgs Domino account already Level 6
  2. Ever been top up.
  3. Chip Higgs Dominoes at least 600 M.
  4. Know Higgs Domino account ID which will be sent chips.
  5. Know password / passwords Higgs Domino account.
  6. Know limit for sending Higgs Domino chips (Minimum and Maximum). At the chip nominal selection point, the conditions will be stated later.

Now, those are the conditions that you must meet to be able to send a higgs domino chip to someone else’s account. Of course, you have to meet these requirements if you want to be able to send chips to other people.

How to Send Higgs Domino Chips to Another Account

How to Send Higgs Domino Chips to Another Account

After you know about the game and what chips are and also the conditions for sending chips. Here the admin will explain the main point, namely how to send higgs domino chips to other accounts or your friends. Check out the explanation below.

How to Send chips via the Higgs Domino Game

For this first method, you can send chips directly from the higgs domino game. In this way you can send directly via the send feature on the game’s initial homepage. So, here are the easy steps.

  • First you open the game Higgs Domino Island yours
  • Then login or register if not logged in
  • After that you click on the menu Send on the first screen page of the game
  • After entering the send menu, you enter Higgs Domino account id what you want to send.
  • Click Search
  • After meeting and according to the recipient’s name Nominal Chip Contents Next click Send
  • If you have entered the password Accounts Your Higgs Dominoes
  • Finish and check on the recipient’s account whether it has entered or not

Send chips using a Facebook account

Apart from using the game directly, it turns out that there are other ways to send chips. Namely by using a Facebook account. What’s especially important is that your Facebook is already tied to the Higgs Domino game, and you can only send via Facebook.

Because besides using a telephone number you can also register an account using Facebook. So here’s how to send chips using a Facebook account. Check it out below.

  • The first thing you have to do is open it Facebook account Higgs Domino (which is related to the higgs domino game)
  • After that you select the menu Send Chips
  • Then you enter Chip Receiver ID then click search
  • If you have entered Chip Amount that you want to send to your friends
  • Then you click send and please check whether the chip has entered your friend’s account.
  • Finished

How Security Is Sending Higgs Domino Chips To Another Account?

Certainly even though they already know about how to send the chip. There are still those who are confused and doubtful about the safety of sending chips to other accounts. Is this method safe or not. For this reason, the admin here wants to explain to you what security is like.

For the method above that the admin has explained, of course it is very Safe. Because this method is the method applied by the game developer. So don’t hesitate about the method that the admin has shared above. You can also choose the two methods which one you think is practical.

Of course, you can also find out the terms and conditions to be able to use the send feature provided by the game itself. So it’s not arbitrary to be able to send chips to other people if the conditions that the admin explained haven’t been met.


Maybe this is all for an explanation of how to send a higgs domino chip to another account. Hopefully the explanation above is useful and understandable, please continue to use the saparapi.id site

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