May 31, 2023

If you are currently experiencing problems or problems with a laptop screen that suddenly turns black, then here’s how to easily deal with the Windows 10 Black Screen.

Sometimes the laptop screen often suddenly turns black for no reason and of course this causes panic. If you have this, you must immediately deal with it because it is feared that later it will actually cause new problems.

In this discussion, the admin will explain several ways to deal with black screen windows 10 that you can do. Previously, first identify what causes the appearance of a black screen on a laptop with the Windows 10 operating system.

If you are currently experiencing this problem on your laptop, then don’t panic, just see How to Overcome Black Screen Windows 10 when booting and other causes below.

Causes of a Black Screen Appearing on a Laptop on Windows 10 OS


The problem with laptops that is enough to make users panic is when the laptop screen turns black or experiences a black screen. Especially if this happens when you just want to turn on the laptop or while using the laptop.

This problem has often been encountered on several devices and the ways to overcome it are also different. Before that, you also have to know what can cause the laptop to suddenly turn black.

Most problems like this just appear even though previously the laptop could still be used and was fine. When your laptop has a black screen, there’s nothing you can do, right?

Usually when a black screen appears you won’t see any menu and sometimes all you see is just the cursor. Who doesn’t panic when it’s like this? Surely you feel that your laptop is broken and can’t be repaired.

Actually, if you experience a problem like that, you don’t need to panic because there are many ways to fix it. As long as your laptop is still fine, it’s never been hit by other problems.

Then you black screen problem can still be fixed easily and doesn’t take long. So that the black screen problem on this laptop doesn’t happen again. You must first know what triggers or causes a black screen to occur in Windows 10.

It is impossible for a problem to just happen without any cause and effect. For this reason, here we will discuss some of the main causes that make your laptop a black screen.

Failed Windows Installation

If the Windows installation for your device fails, then this can trigger many problems including black screens. When installing windows, this must be done perfectly so that your device’s operating system can run smoothly.

If it turns out that your Windows installation process is incomplete or even fails, then this could be the main cause of your laptop becoming a black screen and nothing can appear.

Pending Windows Update

For those of you who like to delay updating Windows, you should change this bad habit. When you delay the windows update process, then it will upgrade spaces your storage.

Because you are rare updates Windows makes your laptop space less so there is a pending Windows update. If you have this, it will be difficult to update Windows again and you have to provide even more storage.

As a result of this pending Windows update, it can make your laptop a black screen when you want to turn it on for the first time. If you experience a failure or delay in the Windows update process, problems will appear, including this black screen.

Therefore, users are strongly advised to always update Windows 10 when there is an update and don’t delay it.

There is a Software Error

The next cause that can make a laptop black screen is due to an error in the software. This can be caused because you download applications or games that are quite heavy in size.

So that your device system is unable to run the game and an error pops up. When this error is not detected for a long time, it can cause operating system failure and make the laptop screen a black screen.

If you want to download an application or software that is large enough, make sure your device is sufficient to run the software.


The main cause and most often done by users causing the laptop to become a black screen is because overheating. This overheating occurs because you use the laptop for too long so that your device gets hot.

When it’s hot, what happens is your laptop slows down and over time you can suddenly have a black screen. Laptop sign overheating is the command becomes slow and the cursor cannot be moved,

When you turn off the laptop in an overheated condition, there is a possibility that when it is turned on again a black screen will appear.

Well, usually this happens because you play on a laptop and use applications that make the device heat up quickly. For example, do meetings videos with apps or watch movies and blast music all day without a break.

And if you do this when the laptop is charging the battery.

overheating This is the cause of the black screen that you can avoid. Do not use the laptop for a long time without resting it completely.

Now, you already know what causes the black screen on Windows 10.

How to Overcome Windows 10 Black Screen But Alive


If the laptop you are currently using is experiencing a black screen, then there are several ways you can follow to overcome it. How to Overcome the Windows 10 Black Screen, the effectiveness differs according to the device and the cause of the problem.

There are those who have used only one method and have been able to get their laptop back to normal, but there are also those who have used various methods with no change. Therefore, the admin will provide several ways to deal with a black screen in Windows 10 but it is on or when booting.

Look carefully at the tutorial that we provide below and hopefully there is a way that works optimally for your device.

If all the methods that we have provided don’t want to work on your laptop either. So don’t hesitate to come directly to the technician to be repaired by them.

Turn off the computer then turn it back on

If when using a laptop to do something and your laptop suddenly turns into a black screen and only the cursor is there. So don’t panic, try to do it this way.

Turn off the computer immediately by pressing the power button until the screen turns off, not just black. If so, wait a few and don’t turn it on right away.

After waiting about 20 minutes, try again to turn on the laptop by pressing the power button. If the logo of the laptop brand immediately appears, and there is no black screen. This means that the method that we provide is successful for you to do.

You can try this method several times and if it still doesn’t work either. You can try other alternatives.

Press the Enter Key Repeatedly


You can do this method that we provide if this black screen condition appears when you turn on the laptop for the first time. Usually what appears is the Windows screen or the brand of the laptop.

So, if all that appears is a black screen, then that means your laptop is experiencing a black screen. What to do if you have experienced something like this.

Here you see first whether the keyboard on the laptop is alive or not. How to? Try clicking a button Caps lock and see if the status light is still on.

If it’s on, it means your keyboard is still working, the problem is only on the screen. To fix this, you can click the button enter repeatedly until a window appears on the screen.

You can also do this by turning off and then turning on the laptop again. After that repeat again press the enter key repeatedly. The effectiveness of this method also depends on the cause of the black screen on your laptop.

So, it’s not certain that the method that repeatedly presses the enter key works on your laptop.

Use the Key Board Shortcut Button


Next, if you experience a black screen problem, but the laptop is still on and the keyboard is also active. Then you can use the help of the shortcut keys on the laptop.

How to Overcome Windows 10 Black Screen with a shortcut key combination?

The steps are quite easy, friends, because you only need to press the shortcut key combination simultaneously.

Please press the button Windows Logo + Ctrl + Shift + B and wait for a beep beep. The function of this shortcut key is to refresh your laptop monitor.

This method can overcome the black screen on Windows 10 if the cause of the appearance of the black screen is not due to something fatal.

How to Overcome Windows 10 Black Screen When Booting

If you experience a black screen while doing boot or before logging into windows. Then there are other ways to overcome black screen Windows 10 that you can use.

Because at this point what appears on the screen is just an ordinary cursor and that makes you quite panicked, right. Here you can only take advantage of the functions of the keyboard to solve this problem.

How to? Please refer to the following tutorial.

  • First, make sure you have turned on your laptop that has a black screen problem.
  • Next press the keyboard combination Ctrl + ALT + DEL simultaneously.
  • After that, a menu option will appear and also a turn off button at the end of the screen.
  • Click the turn off icon at the end of the screen. After that click reading restart and buttons shifts simultaneously and wait for the process until you see there are several menu options on the screen.
  • Then select the menu “Use Devices”.
  • Then select reading “UEFI Removable Devices” and wait until you manage to see the Windows logo or the brand of your laptop device.
  • Done, if the laptop brand logo appears, it means that you have succeeded in doing this method.

This is How to Overcome the Windows 10 Black Screen on an Asus laptop that you can try too. Who knows, this method might work on your laptop and fix the black screen problem on your device.

Don’t be afraid to try every method because the method that we provide will not delete data and files on your device.

I hope this discussion on can help.

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