May 30, 2023

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How to overcome children who are addicted to gadgets

“Dear Diana, my friend and her husband are working parents. Every day they leave their 3 year old son at home with his nanny. To maintain communication with their little ones, they use smartphones/gadgets. Apart from that, gadgets are also toys for your little one. The problem is, lately your little one is showing more and more dependence on gadgets. In the morning when he just wakes up, the first thing he looks for is a gadget. Even when eating, the Little One only wants to eat if it is ‘accompanied’ by a gadget. When the gadget is taken, he will panic and scream hysterically. How to solve it? How to be able to take advantage of gadgets without making your little one dependent on gadgets?” Riani, mother of Akmal, 2 Here’s How to Easily and Quickly Get Rid of Double Chin

Answer :

Dear Mom… Indeed, it is very easy for your little one to depend on a smartphone/gadget. When using gadgets, there is light coming out of the screen, making it easy to focus on the screen. There were also sounds and movements that he could watch. If bored, he can change what he sees as he likes. But actually, children naturally love to move. When he has played, he will forget his gadgets. So, try to get your little one to move a lot. Playing bicycles, playing ball, dancing, etc. You can also give sports lessons such as swimming. Then also give toys that make him move, such as lego, crafts, etc. You have to be patient at first, because he is used to gadgets. But if we are diligent, then he will definitely forget his gadgets and start doing activities. Parents should also be active on weekends with their little one, and not play gadgets when they are with them so that their little one can see an example of what they should do. Give the nanny an understanding to be more enthusiastic about inviting your little one to do activities. Because, on a daily basis, this nanny plays a big role in inviting your little one not to use his gadgets. If your little one continues to depend on gadgets, then it is feared that his focus will not be good when he grows up. Eye health can be disrupted, as well as its durability. Have fun playing with your little one, Mom

Psychologist Profile

Rosdiana Setyaningrum, M.Psi, M.HPEd, mother of Alyssa, 15, and Amalia, 11, is a psychologist who graduated from the Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia and Master of Health Profession Education from the University of New South Wales, Sydney. Diana is a psychologist at Pluit Hospital, a teacher at the Indonesian Linguistic Council for children with special needs, and a lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology at James Cook University, Singapore. Diana is also a counselor at Sekolah Pelangi Kasih Kelapa Gading and actively writes for various magazines in Indonesia and Singapore.

In order for your little one to grow up independent, resourceful, resilient, and responsible, teach him these skills

1. Brainstorming to solve problems One morning your little one forgot to prepare a red object as his assignment. Resist the urge to help him so he doesn’t depend on you. Teach your little one to brainstorm. Say, “I’m sure you can find a solution. Come on, any ideas?” Keep fishing until he gets a solution.

2. Be Responsible When your little one accidentally breaks his friend’s toys, he will ask for your protection. Teach him to take responsibility for his mistakes. Invite him to apologize and find a solution.

3. Make your own choice Your little one will stay over at a friend’s house and he can only bring one toy. If he’s confused, help him think about the consequences of his choices so he can make the best choice

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