May 30, 2023

Whose telegram application doesn’t know this social media platform? Of course, almost all of Indonesia uses it, but have you ever experienced account blocking, here’s what I’ll explain How to Open a Telegram Blocked Friend.

Sometimes there are various reasons why our telegram account is blocked, both by our own friends and also by other people, without any clear reason.

So, for those of you who experience this, your account is blocked, don’t be confused, you can see several ways that will explain in the discussion this time.

The Easiest Way to Open Telegram Blocked by Friends on Android and PC

How to Open a Telegram Blocked Friend

For those of you whose telegram accounts have been blocked either by other people or your friends, don’t worry because I have a way to solve it.

The method is also very easy and simple, you can use this method both on your cellphone and on your PC.

For more details, you can see the method that I will share below.

1. How to open a friend’s blocked Telegram with a PC

For how to open a blocked telegram by a friend, you can do this first using a PC device or also a computer and laptop.

For the method, you can see the full details, which will be explained by below.

  • Open your Telegram application with the website on a PC or Laptop device
  • Then enter the settings menu and select privacy & security
  • In that menu, you can enter a section of users who have been blocked
  • You first check which account you will do in the cancellation
  • When you can click select unlock and you can confirm it

2. By Using an Android Device

Not only iPhone and PC device users can use this method, but Android users can also use it.

  • The first way is to download the Telegram application
  • Then you log in to the application, click on the top left there is a sign = click on the icon
  • Next, you can enter the settings menu section which you can click on with the three line icon located at the top on the left
  • Then continue by selecting the privacy & security section and several options will appear
  • Where users can see some of the previously blocked users and select a list of blocked users
  • Later, you can cancel there now and click on the account that you are going to unblock by clicking on the three dots on the side

3. Unblock Telegram Account With iPhone or iOS

You can also do this third method using an iOS device, for the steps you can see below.

  • First, open the telegram
  • Then select the settings menu in the Telegram application
  • After that click on privacy and security
  • Click on the blocked user menu in the account section that you have blocked
  • You can unlock and unblock users by clicking on the account name and selecting unlock

4. How to Open a Telegram Blocked Friend with Mac Os

The last method that you can also do using a Mac OS device, for more details, you can see the following method.

  • First, make sure you have downloaded the Telegram application on your iOS device, then select Users can open the Telegram application
  • Then, click on the settings menu, scroll to the bottom and find the privacy & security option
  • In this menu, users who have been blocked before will appear
  • You only need to click on one of the accounts that you will unblock
  • Finished

How to Make an Anti-Blocking Telegram Application

The news about the blocking of telegram accounts, especially in Indonesia, was so shocking, for the users of this application, of course, many were disappointed with this.

However, don’t be disappointed and fear too much because I have a solution that can make you calmer.

The method that I’m going to share is about making your telegram account anti-bloating, in other words, your account can’t be blocked.

However, for this method, you need an additional application called VPN, which VPN can be useful for you telegram application users.

So, for this VPN application, you can see several lists of applications that you can use for your telegram account so that it is anti-blocking, see below.

  1. TurboVPN app
  2. Hola Free VPN Proxy App
  3. Free VPN application
  4. Tunnelbear VPN App
  5. Rocket VPN app
  6. Hideman VPN application
  7. Hide.Me VPN app


That’s all I can say on this occasion about how to open a blocked telegram by a friend in an easy and simple way. Hope this helps.

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