May 29, 2023

Instagram is one of the most popular social and messenger applications with users reaching millions and billions around the world. This application, which is commonly used to share photos, pictures and short videos, is often an important concern for all mobile-phone users, be it Android or iOS.

You really know that if Instagram works in the background or behind a monitor, that means Instagram is active as long as we still turn on the internet data we have. So, for those of you who want to temporarily deactivate Instagram, this time I can help you do it easily and quickly.

Not only that, there are a number of users who are now trying to stop using Instagram. Because there are so many sources that say that social media is very addictive and users are obsessed with opening and using it. So, the best solution is to reduce, stop, or if necessary remove its application.

Each user certainly has a different reason for deactivating the Instagram application, either because it saves RAM, saves battery power, rarely uses the application, or it could be because they want to save Internet data. To do this, there are three methods you can do, namely by deactivating your account, removing Internet data usage, and removing Instagram applications. For details, read the description below;

The first alternative, you can deactivate your account for some time. By deactivating your account, you are really stopping using Instagram. If in the future you want to use Instagram again, you can log back into your account. You can only do this option through a computer and mobile-phone browser, not through the Instagram application. Immediately, read the following steps below.

STEP 1: The first method, please open Instagram via your computer or mobile-phone browser. After that, go to your Instagram Profile page. Disconnect the Change Profile menu.

STEP 2: Then you can see a number of setting options. Watch the bottom then decide to temporarily deactivate my account.

STEP 3: Then verify the deactivation of the account. On the Why did you deactivate your account? Please give your argument by pointing to the dropdown menu. Then add your password on the To add side, add the password again. If so, click Account Not activated for a while. Thus, your account can be disabled for some time until you reopen it.

If sorted, here’s a short guideline.

If for example you don’t want to deactivate your account, then it’s best to reduce the use of the application by not giving internet data access to the Instagram application. Each feature may vary in steps, but you can always adjust it. To do this, read the steps below;

TURN OFF INTERNET DATA: Opens the Setup menu on your mobile-phone. Disconnect Network and wireless setup » Mobile Data » Applied Network » then disconnect Instagram. Remove the tick so that internet and WiFi data don’t work for Instagram.

If sorted, here are a number of steps;

Another option is to delete the Instagram application on the Android or iOS mobile phone that you are using. Your account will not be deleted or deactivated, only the application will be deleted. Read the following steps below.

REMOVE INSTAGRAM APP: Opens the Settings menu on your Android mobile-phone. Disconnect the features of Applied and Notifications » Applied » Instagram » tap Uninstall to uninstall it. Continue with verification OK.

If abbreviated, here are a number of steps;

If all of the above options are not to your liking, then another alternative is to turn off all Instagram notifications. You can always open Instagram at any number of times, without being distracted by notifications of new messages, opinions, content, etc. In my opinion, this seriously reduces the use of the app and doesn’t get distracted by all the notifications Instagram gives.

STEP 1: The first way, please enter the Arrangement menu on your Android mobile-phone. Distinguish between Applied and Notifications » Notification Manager. On that side there will be all the applications installed.

STEP 2: Continue pointing to Batch setup. Search for the Instagram app, then tap the Switch button to turn off all notifications (blue means on and gray means off).

Here’s a brief guideline.

There are a number of methods that you can use to disable the Instagram application, maybe not only deactivate the account and also reduce the use of the Instagram application. If there is something you want to ask or give, please write it down in the comment box below. Thank you and happy practicing!

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