May 28, 2023 – On this occasion we will share information about How to Check Telkomsel Quota which we will explain in the article below. Telkomsel is known for its expensive internet packages, but that’s comparable to the quality, speed and stability of the network and the signal is abundant.

But do you often check your internet usage after using your cell phone for surfing or streaming? If so, it means that you are quite worried about using your quota, so it’s only natural, Telkomsel internet is expensive hehehe, but do you know how to check the latest remaining Telkomsel quota?

If not, you can get the latest information to check Telkomsel quota in this article, see the method below.

How to Check Telkomsel Quota

How to Check Telkomsel Quota

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Via Dialing Code

The first is the simplest and easiest way to do it, namely by making a call via the ussd code in the following way:

  1. Open the call menu first or make a call on your smartphone
  2. Next enter the code * 888 # and press the phone symbol or make a call
  3. Please wait a moment. A pop-up notification will appear. Then select check credit and quota (3).
  4. Then select check internet quota (2)
  5. After a while, you will get an SMS about Telkomsel quota information.

How to Check Telkomsel Quota Via SMS

Apart from using the area code or telephone, you can also check your remaining quota via SMS.

There are two SMS formats available, but rest assured that these are free. Follow the steps to see the remaining Telkomsel quota that you have via SMS.

  1. Open the message or SMS menu on your cellphone.
  2. Next, write it down UL INFO.
  3. Next, send an SMS to number 363.

Or you can also use other SMS formats as below.

  1. Open the menu or message function on your smartphone.
  2. Next, write a message FLASH INFOV2.
  3. Next, send an SMS to number 363.
  4. After waiting for a while, you will get a response to the remaining Telcom Card Internet quota information.

Through the My Telkomsel Application

  1. Download the application first in the playstore or appstore
  2. open and log in, here you can use email or Facebook to make it easier to log in later.
  3. after logging in you will get your quota information.

This method is the easiest way to check your remaining quota, but if you doubt that you don’t have a quota, don’t use this application. Because if you don’t have a quota and access this application, your pulse will automatically be cut off drastically, so we suggest that if you are in doubt, please use the method via SMS or dial.

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That’s our full review of How to Check Telkomsel Quota which we have explained in this post. You can do it easily to check your remaining quota. Don’t forget to check out our other articles, because you will find various tips, tricks and other interesting applications and tutorials. Thank you Maszeehhh.

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