May 29, 2023

Hello Edmodo Friends, Back again at Modelsphone.comOn this occasion, we will share information about How to Check the Latest Telkom Bills which we will explain in the article below.

As we know, Telkom is one of the companies in the field of telecommunications services that develops fiber optic-based internet technology and media.

where the optical fiber itself has the advantage of a very fast data transfer speed, so this technology is very much in demand and is also growing rapidly.

And one of the products is indihome, which is none other than a product package sold by Telkom Indonesia as a home internet wifi package.

The indihome system itself is the same as other wifi packages, where you will be billed every month, and from that you have to know how to check telkom bills easily.

How to Check Telkom Bills

How to Check Telkom Bills

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How to Check Telkom Bills Via SMS

Just like we check our pulses on our cellphones, to check bills from Telkom we can also send them via SMS, in the following way:

It’s enough for you to type eBS (Sepasi) Email (Sepasi) Mobile number then send it to 021-7075-7147

After that, you will receive a reply message from Telkom regarding your total monthly bill.

Call Telkom Call Center

This method is often used by many people to check their Telkom bills by contacting the Telkom call center directly. You can call 147 on a landline.

However, if you call using a cell phone, you can simply add a prefix for the Jakarta area code 021-147. Follow the answering machine instructions and you will be asked to speak with the operator later.

After connecting with the operator, you can immediately request your Telkom invoice.

Through the Mytelkom Application

Furthermore, you can also use the application provided by Telkom Indonesia, namely Telkom. and you can download it in the playstore app store.

Before you can use this application, you must first create an account through the official Telkom website. After creating an account, you can immediately log in to check invoices according to the month you choose.

Currently, the use of home telephones is increasingly being used, because many people have turned to their respective smartphones to communicate

However, home telephones are still widely used in various offices and government agencies, which are still a more efficient tool to use.

Come to the Telkom office

Lastly, you can come directly to the telkom office, for more details and details, as well as to get the latest promo info or something else.

But sometimes you have to queue to get your turn, because usually a lot of people are queuing at the telkom office.

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That’s our full review of How to Check Telkom Bills which we have explained in this post. You can do it easily to check your Tekom bill.

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