May 31, 2023

Currently, the government has provided various types of assistance through its social assistance programs. One of the existing programs is the 2023 Village Fund BLT. So, for those who don’t know the information about BLT Dana Desa, see more here.

Indeed, the government has launched many programs that will be able to help the poor. With these social assistance programs, the government hopes to prosper the less fortunate.

So, for those who do have the right to get assistance or get the social assistance program but still don’t know about how to register and also check it, below will provide a complete discussion.

Explanation of the 2023 Village Fund BLT


Surely there are still lots of people who are wondering about this Village Fund BLT, right? Therefore, for those who still don’t understand and don’t know clearly about this BLT, you can immediately listen to the discussion in this section.

BLT Dana Desa is one of the assistance from the government that will be allocated to the poor. This direct cash assistance or BLT will later be distributed by the government once a month with a nominal value of IDR 300 thousand.

However, not only once a month, the community will also be able to get this assistance fund periodically, which is once every 3 months. So, if this distribution is done every 3 months, the community will receive IDR 900,000 directly.

So, the total Village Fund Direct Cash Assistance that the community will get is IDR 3.6 million per year. Therefore, with this assistance, the government hopes to be able to help people who are classified as underprivileged in the category of extreme poverty.

So, for more details about who is entitled to get this Village Fund BLT assistance, you can listen to the following discussion. There are requirements for those who can receive this Village Fund BLT assistance.

Requirements for Communities Who Can Receive BLT Village Funds


Indeed, the assistance that the government issued was not assistance that anyone could receive. However, there will be some specific requirements for the beneficiaries of this assistance. You still don’t know what requirements the recipient must meet to be able to get this assistance?

The BLT Village Fund assistance was indeed issued by the government to carry out recovery in the economic sector due to the last Covid-19 pandemic. However, that does not mean that all people will be able to get it. The government will distribute it to people who have a low economy only.

Not only that, which will be included in the criteria or requirements. So, for more details below, we will convey some of the requirements for people who can receive this Village Fund assistance program. If so, immediately refer to the following.

  • Recipients of Village Fund assistance are families who have a small monthly salary, are underprivileged or poor people who are already in the category of extreme poverty.
  • This includes families who are underprivileged due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic but have never received any assistance. Both from the assistance provided by the government or others.
  • In his family, have family members who experience or suffer from chronic illnesses, are prone to illness or have suffered from chronic illnesses.
  • The recipient has an elderly family or is a single family member.
  • Families who will receive assistance are families who have quit from the APBN and APBD who are experiencing economic difficulties or difficulties.

So, those are some of the criteria or requirements for people who are entitled to receive this Village Fund BLT assistance. If you meet these criteria, you can register yourself immediately by following the steps in the next section.

Procedures for Registering for Village Fund BLT 2023 Easily and Quickly


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If you really feel that you meet the requirements or criteria for people who are entitled to receive the assistance, you can register immediately. To register is also very easy. Even just need to come to the local government only.

However, even though it’s easy, we will explain a number of ways to register this Village Fund BLT so that people who don’t know know it and don’t experience confusion anymore. The following are the steps for registering Village Fund assistance in 2023.

  1. Make sure the applicant is a person who is entitled to assistance.
  2. If it is true, prepare the documents needed later such as KTP (Resident Identity Card), KK (Family Card), already registered as a resident of the village in the KSK, and other supporting documents.
  3. You can find out in advance about the Village Fund BLT information which readers will register later in the district where you live or local village posts. In addition, you can go directly to the village office and through the government’s official website channel.
  4. After getting the registration information, you can go straight to it visit the village office bringing all the required documents.
  5. There will be later form which the prospective registrant must fill in. Make sure the contents of all data are correct and in accordance with reality, in other words, the data is valid.
  6. If the form is complete and filled out, submit it immediately form along with supporting documents to existing officers.
  7. Can wait for the verification process regarding receipt of this Village Fund BLT assistance.
  8. If they do pass the verification process, they will be able to get the aid funds according to local village regulations.

How to Check BLT for 2023 Village Funds That Have Been Disbursed


If you have successfully registered to get assistance, then you can later check the results of the verification whether you have passed and can get assistance or have not yet received assistance. Indeed, to check this is easy. The reason is that readers can do it online.

So, in checking this, you no longer need to go anywhere and can check it directly using the site. However, to check this, make sure that your internet quota is sufficient and you have a stable network so that the process runs smoothly. Here are the ways to check the aid funds.

  1. Go straight to it Browsers that is in the device.
  2. After that, go directly to the site to check the grants.
  3. If you have successfully entered the site, select the menu Village Fund available on the page.
  4. Then, search first village area that you occupy to get the help.
  5. You will be asked to fill in all the data that the user must fill in to check the aid fund. Immediately fill everything data properly required.
  6. If you have clicked Search Data.
  7. The names of the recipients of the aid will immediately appear.
  8. Finished.

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