May 30, 2023

To be able to add a Facebook link to the Instagram bio page is a very effective way to get lots of followers and also friends on Facebook.

So if every user who opens and views your IG profile page will see your Facebook link that you have entered in your Instagram bio.

If a user sees your Facebook link, it could be that person likes you, of course he will open the link and want to be your friend on Facebook.

But it’s a shame that Facebook already provides the Social Link feature. This is used so you can display links from other social media on your FB profile page.

It’s different from Instagram, which doesn’t yet have a feature to share links to other social media, so if you want to do it, it’s a bit difficult.

Of course this is very unfortunate because there are so many users of this Instagram application and also like you and even want to be friends on your Facebook.

Don’t know the reason why Instagram doesn’t provide a feature to add other social media links.

But that’s also not a big problem, even though Instagram doesn’t provide the feature, you can still do it in a way that I will discuss in this article.

Surely you guys are wondering how to add a Facebook link to your Instagram bio? Take it easy, all you have to do is pay attention to the discussion on IbnuSutowoHospital.Co.Id until it’s finished.

How to Add a Facebook Profile Link in Instagram Bio

How to Add Facebook Link in Instagram Bio

For the method itself, you can say it’s very easy, you can see all the following step by step:

1. Click on your fb profile picture on the left What do you think?

Added Facebook Profile Link

2. Then you select the dot icon and select it Edit Profile

How to Add a Facebook Link in Instagram Bio select Edit Profile

3. You choose Copy Link so that your Facebook link is copied

Copy the link so that your Facebook link is copied

4. Then you guys open the Instagram application After that you guys Click Profile photo on the bottom right

Click Profile photo

How to Add a Facebook Link to Instagram Bio Select the Edit Profile menu

6. You Choose Add Link and then you guys click Add Facebook Link

Add Facebook Link

8. Finally, click the tick on the top right and your Facebook link will be installed in your Instagram profile bio.

Done adding the Facebook link in the Instagram bio

How about the method above? of course it’s very easy for you to do, don’t forget to follow step by step so you don’t make mistakes and fail in doing it.

Why Can’t Instagram Accounts Link To Facebook?

One of the things that causes your IG account to be unable to link and also connect with your Facebook is because you have logged out or left your Facebook account.

Now, the method is also quite easy and simple, you only need to log back into your Facebook account so that it can be linked to your Instagram bio.

How to Make Your Own Instagram Links

The way to make it is also quite easy, you can do it yourself even if you don’t do it on the menu on Instagram, for more details, you can see the following:

You do this by visiting a site Instagram. Com and add your IG account name, for example so you can enter your Instagram account.

For your own method, you can also see in full about how to make your own Instagram link, here’s how:

How to Make Instagram Links in Instagram Bio

At this time I will explain how to make an IG link in your IG bio, for how you can see the following:

  • The first way to open an account Instagram you guys.
  • Then select the dot that is at the top right, then you guys click copy profile URL.
  • Next you will enter your Instagram profile and you select the menu edit profile then you copy the Instagram link, enter it in the column Website To save it, select the tick mark at the top right.
  • There is a faster and more practical way, you only need to input it into your web browser.
  • You also have to make sure the account name is correct, don’t get it wrong

How To Make Instagram Link In Facebook Bio

Next time I will discuss how to make an Instagram link in your Facebook bio, of course if you do this it will make it easier for your other Facebook friends who want to find your Instagram too.

  • The first step is to open your Facebook application and go to your Facebook profile.
  • Then you choose Info about you-Contact Info And click Edit.
  • On this page menu you will be asked to edit your profile, please choose Add Social Links.
  • Here you can add your Instagram link by entering it into the Instagram social media column.
  • You are also asked to fill in a username according to your account, then you can set the privacy section, you can select public or my friends and then you save it.
  • Done, your Instagram link will appear in your Instagram account bio later


Thus a brief discussion on how to add a Facebook link to your Instagram bio that you can follow, I hope this can help those of you who need it.

If you want to see my other recent discussions that you might also need, you know you’re looking for them, you can watch and see everything through this website.

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