June 4, 2023

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How much is the fuel consumption of the Suzuki S-Cross Facelift

fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is also quite good. In the city, the combination of ordinary roads and toll roads averages 13.3 km/liter. When tested at a constant speed of 100 km/h, Suzuki’s mainstay crossover was successful in posting a fuel consumption average of 18.8 km/liter. Including economical right? One of the contributors to the fuel economy, we feel thanks to the implementation of the paddle shift feature, as well as being pampered with cruise control.

In less than two years, the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross has changed its appearance. However, compared to the previous generation, whose lifespan was short, the S-Cross, which was only launched in the second half of last year, offers a look that seems more fierce. facelift Well, we tested this is the highest variant of the Suzuki crossover. Priced at IDR 268,850,000 on the road for Jakarta and its surroundings, this A/T transmission S-Cross can be said to be worth buying. S-Cross provides a choice of different types of cars. Of course, among hatchback classes such as the Yaris and Jazz, the prices range up to Rp. 272.5 million (Jazz RS CVT) and Rp. 281.4 million (Yaris Heykers S CVT TRD). Its closest rival, which is both a crossover, is the turbo-engined Chevrolet Trax. This American product is offered between IDR 284-310 million. And the Toyota Yaris Heykers, which are priced at IDR 269.6 million (TRD SM/T) and IDR 281.4 million (TRD S CVT). The S-Cross is available in 4 color choices without black, namely Stargaze Blue, Premium Silver, Granite Gray and Prime Artic White. Here are the results of our tests!


The most noticeable front face changed, especially the grille and headlamp. The position of the grille and the hood are also a bit high, this makes a dashing impression compared to the previous version. The curved headlamp design is filled with LED projector technology, including the auto leveling feature. The bumper design has also completely changed, following the frightening impression of the grille and lights. The front bumper is more muscular following the grille design. Likewise with the additional skid plate on the rear bumper. The taillights have also undergone changes in the design and application of LED lights.

Feet Legs

The S-Cross uses tires made in India with the LUX Royale brand size 205/65 R15. Combined crossbar rim with two tone finishing. In the previous version, using tires measuring 205/60 R15. This at least contributed to the addition of ground clearance to 185 mm. For the front and rear brakes, it has been equipped with discs and ABS technology as well as EBD. Unfortunately, the latest S-Cross is not equipped with stability control, traction control and hill start assist features. Even though now these features are increasingly needed


Entering the S-Cross cabin, all-black nuances successfully lift the impression of luxury. Starting from the thick leather upholstery, as well as some black satin plating accents on the door trim and the AC panel. There are several details such as the arm rest near the door trim and the center console, which is given a thick soft touch material. Then on the S-Cross steering wheel, it seems to have a fairly complete package. Starting from the tilt and telescopic settings, to the completeness of the audio control buttons, telephony, cruise control and also paddle shift. Another feature that complements the S-Cross is auto rain sensing, which automatically adjusts the speed of the wipers from drizzling to heavy rain. Not only that, to help with parking, the S-Cross is also equipped with a parking sensor without a reverse camera.


This S-Cross carries the M15A DOHC VVTi 1.5L engine, the same as the generation before the facelift. This legendary kitchen runway is actually used also for Suzuki cars such as Aerio, Baleno to Swift. With a power of 107.5 horsepower at 6,200 rpm engine speed, it’s not the biggest in its class. But it’s enough to make this S Cross run agile. From rest to 100 km/h, and the transmission lever position is in D, the S-Cross can travel in 12.9 seconds. The distance of 402 meters can also be reached in 18.7 seconds.

Comfort and Handling

The sitting position is quite ideal, including high and makes it easy to see the conditions around the car. The steering response also feels fast. The character of the suspension is moderate and includes fun. The throw is soft, but the handling is maintained stable when invited to maneuver. Shocks due to road contours and speed traps can be reduced very well. Sitting in the second row, the seat feels comfortable supporting the back, as well as the legs. The distance between the feet and the front seat to the head room is still quite relieved. There is an arm rest in the middle that can be folded. The second row is still relatively comfortable for three passengers, only the passengers who sit in the middle don’t get a head rest. Oh yes, we feel the level of tightness of the cabin is pretty good. Even though there is still the sound of the engine entering the cabin when it is turned on, and the faint sound of tires when driving on the highway. Regarding the ability to accommodate goods, the size of the trunk is no different from the previous version, large and spacious with volume


  • Dimensions (W x W x H): 4,300 mm x 1,785 mm x 1,595 mm,
  • Wheelbase: 2,600 mm,
  • Front tread distance: 1,535 mm,
  • Rear tread distance: 1,505 mm,
  • Ground Clearance: 185 mm,
  • Turning Radius: 5.2 meters,
  • Engine: M15A inline 4 cylinder, 16 valve DOHC, VVT ,
  • Fuel system: MPI (Multi Point Injection),
  • Cylinder capacity: 1,491 cc,
  • Compression Ratio: 1 : 10.3 ,
  • Maximum Power: 107 dk @ 6,200 rpm,
  • Maximum Torque: 138 Nm @ 4,400 rpm,
  • Transmission: 6-speed automatic,
  • Tank Capacity: 48 liters,
  • Steering System: Rack & pinion with Power Steering,
  • Front Suspension: MacPherson strut with springs,
  • Rear Suspension: Torsion beam with springs,
  • Brakes Front/Rear: Ventilated disc/disc,
  • Tire Size: 215/60 R16,\
  • Empty Weight: 1170 kg, Gross Weight: 1670 kg,
  • Price: IDR 268,850,000

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