June 4, 2023

Sewu Dino (2023) managed to make many people shudder with the 1000 days of witchcraft received by the Karsa Atmojo family.

Making a girl an angel of death for her own family, this witchcraft is indeed very dangerous. Especially seeing Della Atmojo’s helpless body and Karsa Atmojo’s body covered in foul-smelling ulcers, who could stand it?

Speaking of witchcraft films, apart from Sewu Dino (2023), there are actually several other Indonesian horror films that allude to witchcraft. For example, Ratu Seni Hitam (2019), which was also directed by director Kimo Stamboel. This one film feels more sadistic than Sewu Dino (2023), because there are far more witchcraft scenes gory and bleeding.

For those of you who want to watch a witchcraft-themed film like Sewu Dino (2023), Bacaterus has several film recommendations that you must watch. Want to know what movies there are? You can find complete information below.

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1. Queen of Dark Arts

Queen of Dark Arts

Directed by the same director, Ratu Seni Hitam (2019) can be compared to Sewu Dino (2023). Remakes of this classic Indonesian horror is done to perfection by Kimo Stamboel.

The various elements of the occult and the sadistic witchcraft scenes are guaranteed to make goosebumps run down your spine. Moreover, there is no need to doubt the quality of his acting, because he stars a number of well-known actors.

For example, Ario Bayu, Hannah Al Rashid, Adhisty Zara, Ari Irham, Muzakki Ramdhan to Miller Khan and Sheila Dara Aisha are present in this horror film.

Meanwhile, Ratu Seni Hitam (2019) tells the story of the reunion of the residents of the orphanage where Hanif and his friends spent their childhood. Inviting their respective families, they also want to visit Mr. Bondi who is now ill.

At first everything seemed fine, until their journey was disturbed by a strange incident. Since they saw the apparition of Mirah, a caretaker of the orphanage who had died long ago, one by one Hanif’s family and friends were terrorized.

It turns out that all of these mysteries happened because of witchcraft sent by one of the orphans who had wronged them in the past.

2. Qodrat

new indo cinema film_Qodrat_

Qodrat (2022) is a religious-horror film that has a story premise similar to Sewu Dino (2023). This film, directed by Charles Ghozali, tells the story of an Islamic boarding school and village shrouded in a black aura.

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After losing his only son, Qodrat (Vino G. Bastian) chose to return to the hermitage where he studied.

But when he got there, Qodrat was shocked by various incidents of possession and the deaths of several people in unnatural ways. At first Qodrat didn’t want to get involved, until a child who had the same name as his late son made Qodrat touched.

Alif Amri, the son of Mrs. Yasmin, was suddenly possessed by a demon and started to terrorize his family. Alif almost killed his mother and sister, even Qodrat almost died at Alif’s hands. When he succeeded in calming Alif, Qodrat began to get new facts.

It turned out that all the terror that occurred in the village and the Islamic boarding school came from someone he knew, namely his own best friend named Zafar. Zafar is secretly in league with the devil and sends witchcraft to kill those who oppose him.

3. Mangkujiwo 2

mangkujiwo-2_ facts

If in Sewu Dino (2023) Marthino Lio is the sender of witchcraft, then in Mangkujiwo 2 (2022) he is a victim of witchcraft. This sequel to Mangkujiwo (2020) will tell the story of the ritual for the birth of red kuntilanak and witchcraft sent by Romo Brotoseno to his rivals.

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