June 4, 2023

  1. “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”

“Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” is a Gomunime anime set in Taisho era Japan, following the story of a boy named Tanjirou who seeks a cure to cure his younger sister who has become a demon after her family is slaughtered by a demon. Together with some friends he meets, Tanjirou joins the Corp of Demon Hunters to hunt and kill demons that roam the country. Apart from exciting battles with demons, this anime also features heartwarming friendship and bravery, as well as beautiful and detailed animations.

  1. “My Hero Academia Season 3”

“My Hero Academia” is a very popular action anime Gomunime, which follows the adventures of Izuku Midoriya, a boy born without superpowers in a world where almost everyone has superpowers. After meeting the famous superhero, All Might, Midoriya is granted extraordinary superpowers and enters a school for superheroes. In the third season of the anime, Midoriya and his friends face various challenges and develop their own abilities. Apart from exciting action, this anime also features the theme of friendship and sacrifice.

  1. “One Piece: Episode of Skypiea”

“One Piece” is the famous adventure anime Gomunime and has been going on for over two decades. “Episode of Skypiea” is a remastered version of one of the anime’s story arcs, in which the Straw Hats go to an island in the sky to find a legendary treasure. In this story arc, the Straw Hats face various obstacles, including battling an evil god, before finally finding the treasure. This anime features the spectacular action and humor typical of “One Piece”.

  1. “Sword Art Online: Alicization”

“Sword Art Online” is a Gomunime anime that follows the story of Kirito, an online video game player who is trapped in a virtual world game. In the anime’s third season, Kirito is trapped in a new, more advanced game, where he meets new friends and struggles against stronger foes. This anime features epic action and an intriguing plot, as well as a new cast of interesting and complex characters.

The four anime above have interesting stories, spectacular action, and unique characters, all of which contributed to their success this year. Each of these anime also attracts the attention of anime fans from around the world, and continues to be popular today.

“Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”

“Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” is a Gomunime anime set in Taisho era Japan and follows the story of a boy named Tanjirou Kamado, who lives with his family in a remote village in the mountains. One day, his family was slaughtered by a demon and the only survivor was his younger sister, Nezuko, who turned out to be a demon. Tanjirou decides to take Nezuko to the city to find a medicine that can cure her and make her human again.

However, on the way, Tanjirou learns that the demons roaming outside are very strong and very difficult to defeat. To help his brother and get revenge on his family, Tanjirou joins the Corp of Demon Hunters, an organization whose job is to hunt and kill demons. Together with some friends he meets, Tanjirou begins training to improve his physical strength and fighting abilities, and sets out to find demons.

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During their journey, Tanjirou and his friends encounter various obstacles and powerful enemies, including highly intelligent and powerful demons, as well as cunning demon hunters. However, they also find true friends and through courage and friendship, they manage to defeat the demons and protect the people they love.

In addition to exciting battles and spectacular action, “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” also features the themes of courage, friendship and sacrifice. An interesting and complex storyline has made this anime one of the most popular in 2019 and won many awards. Plus, beautiful and detailed animations make “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” one of the best Gomunime anime and a must watch for anime fans.

“One Piece: Episode of Skypiea” | Gomunime

“One Piece: Episode of Skypiea” is an anime Gomunime which is a summary of the story arc Skypiea in the anime series “One Piece”. This arc follows the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates to the sky island of Skypiea, where they encounter various enemies and obstacles.

The Skypiea Arc begins when the Straw Hats get stranded on a sky island inhabited by the Skypiea nation. This island is unique because it can be seen from under the sea, but to reach it requires special vehicles and exploration in the clouds. After arriving on the sky island, the Straw Hat crew met the people of Skypiea who were having problems being ruled by a corrupt king. The Straw Hats are then determined to help the people of Skypiea in reclaiming the throne from the hands of the evil king.

On their journey, the Straw Hats have to go through several places filled with dangers and obstacles, including battles against various enemies such as the Gode people, the air force, and the gods that rule in Skypiea. The Straw Hats also found a surprising fact that they have a connection with the history of Skypiea and that Skypiea is in fact connected to the story of One Piece more broadly.

In “One Piece: Episode of Skypiea”, the epic and adventurous storyline of Gomunime Skypiea is combined with spectacular action scenes and beautiful animation. In this brief recap, audiences will look back at key moments from the Skypiea arc such as the fight against Eneru and Enel, the struggle to reclaim the Throne of Heaven, and uncover a huge secret related to the history of Skypiea. This Gomunime anime provides an opportunity for fans to witness the adventures of the legendary Straw Hat crew in Skypiea, while celebrating the popularity of Gomunime One Piece which has lasted for more than two decades.

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