May 30, 2023

Funny words in the Acehnese language – Meypantone Competition #14 Aceh | 13sogata (64) announcement of the #pantoen-aceh competition • 5 years ago the terms of the PANTOEN competition and version 14 reetime post nyo (purpose to spread the nyo competition to all friends) Peugot saboh panton said “TERAWEH” in aceh language Lam Panton Nayan (Paleng Kureng Saboh verse) . Pantone, always new page, can’t find posts similar to this comment. Must be works of pantoen dro and hanjet, copied as book or internet (never published) 3 selected boh pantons will win the Kamo award prize. The prize is 100% voting from each sponsor (worth approximately 1.00 – 1.50 SBD/VEST) Sponsor 3 Chosen in the 13th Pantone Bach contest! Congratulations to @awahidsteem, @ahadipj and @nandaibra. The 3 selected pantoenas receive 100% of the votes from the sponsors. And only selected Pantone gets 20-60% of the vote. Kamo Terimong said Genaseh was a symbol of Mandum’s friends who attended the event. forgive my soul and body

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Funny words in the Acehnese language

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Guess Funny Guesses, But It’s Hard to Guess, Makes You Amused and Annoyed at the Same Time

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Kukoep is alone in that regard, and pih zipoet leupi lagoyna, ramazan teuka geetanjo samboyet, thank God peubloet lam teuraveh teuma.

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Teurimong geunaseh ulon Tuan kheun ateuh neupileh panton lon baroe, @sogata seumoga beusabee inlindong po teuh Allahabad, nibak neupeujak buet si uroe-uroe, beu meuhase keuh buet @sogata. Prophet Muhammad is the city of knowledge, Ali bin Abu Talib is the gate. Here are 75 Arabic quotes from Ali bin Abu Talib which are full of wisdom.

Aceh’s Heroic Hum and Sundanese Messages of Life

Jakarta – Ali bin Abu Talib has a special position on the side of Rasulullah SAW. Prophet Muhammad S said: “I am the city of knowledge, Ali is the gate. Therefore, whoever wants to learn, let him pass through its gates.”

The great scholar Sheikh Muhammad Abduh Ali bin Abu Talib praised the words of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala as the greatest, most eloquent, densest in content, of the highest quality and most important after the words of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. Prophet SAW

3. Patience is of two kinds: patience with what you don’t want and patience with what you want.

There are two types of Sabah Nyang Na: Sabah Ateuh Saboh Nyang Hana Sing Terrible and Sabah Theun Dro Se Saboh Nyang Sing Hebat.

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4. Don’t explain yourself to anyone because those who like you don’t need it. And those who hate you don’t believe it.

Bak peugeullah about gata bak myurangkaso, kareuna nyan keu gata hana pele nyan. And nyang bengeh keu sing hana patte nayan.

6. Know that patience is like the head of the body when seen from one’s difficulties. If the head is lost, the whole body will rot. Similarly, if you lose your temper, the whole problem is destroyed.

Beuteupu that saba, meunyo dikalon lam sidro-dro ureueng problema again uli body hi. Memo Uli Gadoh Then Mandum Nayan’s body will break apart. The same city, Gadohu I Sabah, and then the Mandum problem will reappear.

About the Aceh Earthquake, Zee Zee Shahab: Don’t get involved

12. The weakest person is the one who doesn’t know how to make friends. But he who has many friends but destroys them is even weaker.

Nyang nyang paleng leimoh nyang nyang ya jiut mitha ngon hai. But nyan urung nyang meitumi leumoh is better than li ngon what but spoils it.

14. Knowledge without emotion is like shoes without shoes. And logic without knowledge is like feet without shoes.

16. If you are worried and upset about something, get into it, because the fear of facing it is more disturbing than the thing you are afraid of.

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