May 29, 2023

Fundus Height 30 Cm How Much Does The Fetus Weight Symptoms of pregnancy are a collection of symptoms that appear in pregnant women and occur as a result of physical and psychological changes during pregnancy.

Amenorrhea Nausea and vomiting due to pregnancy or serious illness such as tuberculosis, typhus, anemia or mental effects Loss of appetite Fainting or fainting

Fundus Height 30 Cm How Much Does The Fetus Weight

6 Breasts are tense, enlarged under the influence of estrogen, progesterone and somatotropin  Fat, water and salt accumulate in the breasts  Stimulate the ducts and alveoli in the mammary glands  Montglomer glands are seen more clearly. Enlarged and tense breasts, compressed nerve endings cause pain, especially in the first pregnancy.

Pocket Book of Maternal Health Services

Quarter I  Pressed by the uterus that begins to enlarge Second Quarter  Enlarged uterus leaves the pelvic cavity III Quarter  When the fetus begins to enter the pelvic cavity and presses on the bladder.

8 Skin pigmentation around the cheeks  Chloasma gravidarum (mask of pregnancy)  Melanophore-stimulating hormone (MSH)  Anterior pituitary gland around breast  Darkening, hyperpigmentation (hyperpigmentation, hyperpigmentation around the blood, hyperpigmentation around the glands) abdominal wall mammary  linea alba and nigra, also strae gray and albicans.  Placental corticosteroid hormones that stimulate melanophores and skin.

16 HEGAR SYMPTOMS During pregnancy the consistency of the uterus softens, especially around the isthmus. Excessive growth of the isthmus in the first trimester makes the isthmus longer and softer. So if we place 2 fingers on the posterior fornix and the other hand on the abdominal wall above the ventral symphysis, the isthmus is not felt as if the body of the uterus is completely separated from the uterus.

17 Piscaseck’s sign The uterus is enlarged, sometimes enlarged unevenly, but where the egg is growing rapidly, the uterus is enlarged in one direction.

Pdf) Deviation of Estimated Fetal Weight in the Johnson Toshack Method, Simple Formulas and Dare Formulas

18 Chadwick’s hypervascular sign shows the vulva and vulva are red, slightly bluish (live). The color of the part also looks blue, this is caused by the influence of the hormone estrogen.

19 Braxton Hicks sign The uterus contracts easily when stimulated. On palpation or inspection, the uterus, which was previously soft, becomes hard when it contracts. This sign is normal for the uterus during pregnancy.

20 Goodell’s sign Outside of pregnancy, the consistency of the uterus is firm, as hard as the tip of the nose, during pregnancy the uterus is soft to the touch with the soft lips or the tip under the ear.

22 Definitive Signs of Pregnancy Objective signs obtained by the examiner that can be used to establish the diagnosis of pregnancy.

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