May 31, 2023

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Free Download Offline Android and IOS Car Games

In contrast to ordinary racing games, Smash Bandits Racing does not only demand speed, but also precision in getting rid of the police who are following. Playing racing games is generally synonymous with who is the fastest on the track. Not infrequently the car that has the best engine is generally easier to win the race. If you are bored with this type of racing, maybe Smash Bandits Racing can be an alternative game that can entertain you. Smash Bandits Racing is not an ordinary racing game. Your main task here is not only to be the fastest, but also to get rid of annoying cops by grazing them. By using a camera view that is far above the car, you are required to always be alert to see your surroundings. Besides having to be on alert to graze any approaching cops, you also have to pay attention to the other cars on the winding roads.

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Crashing too much into other cars or walls will result in Smash Bandits Racing Be the Fastest Bandit and Get Rid of the Oncoming Cops Unlike the usual racing games, Smash Bandits Racing demands not only speed, but also precision in getting rid of the cops who are trailing. by slow down the pace of the car and certainly accelerate the damage to your car. The control of this game is fairly easy because it can be used with only one finger. You just have to press the back of the car to go, then swipe left and right to turn. Meanwhile, to carry out an attack on a police car, you only need to tap on the top of the police car to lock on the target and again press the back of the car to graze them. In this game, you can upgrade the speed and power of your car by using the money you earn in each mission. Not only upgrades, you can also buy other luxury cars with that money. With easy gameplay and smooth and realistic visual effects, Smash Bandits Racing is perfect for those of you who want to have fun competing for speed on a racing track. This game can be obtained for free on Google Play and iTunes

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