May 31, 2023

Folding Symmetry And Rotating Symmetry Of A Kite – Apart from circular symmetry, one of the characteristics of flat shapes is that they have complex symmetries. Each of these planar shapes has different bending patterns that we can actually find out by using reason or reason.

After studying the elements of rotational symmetry of a shape, we will study plane folding symmetry. What is fold symmetry?

Folding Symmetry And Rotating Symmetry Of A Kite

Fold symmetry in a flat shape can be defined as the number of folds in a flat shape that can divide the flat shape so that one half overlaps the other half of the flat shape. In short, there is a line that divides a plane into two parts and intersects it, which is called the axis of symmetry.

Characteristics and Characteristics of Flat Shapes

The sum of the plane’s axes of symmetry will always equal the number of folds of symmetry. But you know, not all types of plane shapes have an axis of symmetry, because there are several plane shapes that don’t have an axis of symmetry, but have an infinite axis of symmetry.

So Otakers, but before that, let’s see what image we will use, for example an isosceles triangle. An isosceles triangle is a plane shape with an axis of symmetry and angles of symmetry. This triangle is called isosceles because it has the same angles between the two sides, so the two sides are the same length.

Since the two sides of this triangle are the same length, calculating the symmetry of an isosceles triangle is easy.

First mark each corner. First from the bottom left as angle A, then the other side is angle B, and the top corner is angle C.

Put a sign (√) on a flat shape that has rotational symmetry and a sign (×) on a flat shape that doesn’t have rotational symmetry

To calculate the bending symmetry of an isosceles triangle, divide the two lower sides of the triangle and find the median. For example, the length of side A to B is 20 cm, then the center distance is 10 cm.

After that, draw a straight line from the center AB to the vertex C so that point C is the axis of symmetry. Therefore, the direction from the center of segment AB to vertex C is the direction of fold symmetry.

From what we have done, we know that an isosceles triangle has an axis of symmetry. Since it has only one axis of symmetry, this means that an isosceles triangle has only one symmetry.

So, otaker, here is the definition of field shape symmetry and an example. Hopefully this article is useful, thank you for visiting this site

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