June 4, 2023

Stepping on the age that has started to mature and in a modern era like this. With the rapid advancement of internet technology, it makes it easier for us to access the latest information, for example, we can access information about the 2023 Bokeh Full Bokeh Lights Bokeh Video Download on certain websites.

Not only can access about the film bokeh full bokeh lights bokeh video download 2023 only. You can also get any information on the internet, for example you are going to upload a video but you want to make your video look more attractive, we will tell you some applications that you can use to edit videos.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe-Premiere-Clip. png

The first here is an application called Adobe Premiere Clip. This application is usually used to edit videos, Adobe Premiere Clip also provides several features which of course you can use, one of the outstanding features is the ability to edit videos automatically.

You can also use it to create videos using multiple photos or other clips with just the press of a button. Furthermore, the application that completes it automatically begins editing, creating theme songs, transitions and more.

You only choose what file or video you will enter and edit to make it more attractive. Not only is it an automatic editing tool, it also offers a powerful video editor. You can also trim video clips, create transitions, add songs to videos and more.

name Adobe Premiere Clip
Price Free/Paid
User ratings 3,2
Number of downloaders 1 million+



Maybe some of us already know this one application, this application is commonly used as a video editing application. With its easy and simple use, it is understandable if many use this one application.

Like is not only easy to use, this application also provides several features that you can use when editing videos. The features in question include special effects, stickers, emoticons, Music Magic filters for making music videos, Hair Color, 4D Magic, Superpowers and also video dubbing.

name Likee
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 12,
Number of Downloaders 500 million+


Who here has just heard of this one application, it’s a bit foreign, isn’t it? It turns out that there are many applications for editing videos that we don’t know about, one of which is VidTrim, this application is an application that we can use to edit videos so that they look more attractive.

VidTrim was created by providing several interesting features such as trimming, merging, capturing frames, video effects, audio extracting and transcoding. We can also use this application to share videos directly to social media through the application.

Apart from that, trimming, merging, feature capture, video effects, audio extraction (to MP3), and transcoding are all included (compress and convert to MP4). There are several features of this application that come with free advertising including creating MP3 video files from video files, playing video clips, deleting video clips, taking frames, sharing video clips, videos have been renamed, video clips are currently playing, trim videos and by merging videos.

name VidTrim
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 3,2
Number of Downloaders 10 million+

Viva Video

It’s no stranger to hearing about this one application, almost all smartphone users have this application. It’s only natural that everyone has this application because how to edit videos using this application is very simple and easy to understand.

In addition, this application provides several superior features for video editing, these features include videos, songs, transitions, effects, text and titles that can be customized. Editing using this application will make your videos even more interesting.

You can also add text if you want to make a tutorial video, to make it easier for viewers to understand what you mean. Not only that, you can also edit videos in HD 720p, 1080p up to 4K and cut or combine several videos.

name Viva Video
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 3,9
Number of Downloaders 500 Million+

Adobe Premiere Rush

Still the same discussion about applications for editing videos. The next application is Adobe Premiere Rush. If you want to edit videos but without a watermark and without annoying advertisements during the editing process and of course it’s free, this application is right for you.

Even though this application can be used free of charge or unpaid, the application provides several features that can make your videos captivating, namely basic videos, video effects, changing colors and also adding special animations.

Apart from that, there is also a camera feature that you can use to record high-quality videos. You can also directly upload or share videos that you have edited to the various social media that you have, for example Instagram, TikTok and your other social media.

name Adobe Premiere Rush
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 3,2
Number of Downloaders 1 million+


Does anyone know yet? with this one application, many use this application to beautify videos so that viewers are interested in your videos. with its simple and simple appearance, this application is much-loved because it is easy to understand.

When editing using Kruso You will not be disturbed by the appearance of advertisements during the editing process. Because this application does not display advertisements, in this application there are also quite complete editing tools.

You can cut videos, combine videos and add backgrounds very easily. But if you want to remove the watermark in the video, you must first watch a short ad as it appears.

name Kruso
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 12
Download Friday 100 million+


A video editing application that you can use to edit your videos to make them look more attractive so that many viewers are curious about your next video is Movie Maker Filmmaker. Movie Maker Filmmaker is one of the best video editing applications.

Movie Maker Filmmaker provides several tools to make video editing intuitive and easy. Some of the most used features are present in this application such as live video effects, text animation effects, slideshow music, and others.

Because this application is free or unpaid, during the editing process, a number of advertisements will appear. Even so, this application provides many conveniences, especially if you want to make short clips or videos with the help of the Android cellphone that you have.

name MovieMakerFilmmaker
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 12
Number of Downloaders 100 Million+

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