June 4, 2023

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This features the specifications and prices for the All New Brio 2018 2019

PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), made a surprise at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS). The reason is, on the opening day of this international scale automotive exhibition, namely Thursday (2/8), HPM unveiled its newest product, namely the 2nd generation Honda Brio, which bears the All New title. Gossip about the emergence of this latest generation of Brio has actually been blowing since late last year. Strengthened by the emergence of the Honda Small RS Concept, which was exhibited at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) in April 2018. It is evident that the All New Honda Brio was developed from the figure of the Small RS Honda Concept, which features a sporty aura and is a compact car. As per its title (All New), in appearance Brio Gen 2 is drastically different from its first generation. At the bow, it is now more similar to Honda’s flagship low MPV, the Mobilio. Meanwhile, the stern, which used to be shaped like an iron back, has now turned rounded, which then makes a slanted sound if the shape is similar to one of Hyundai’s flagship hatchbacks, namely the i20. However, it is distinguished by a diffuser-style accent under the bumper.


Changes to the back of the All New Brio, according to Tsutomo Harano who acts as the Large Project Leader from Honda R&D Asia Pasifc Co., Ltd., are intended to outsmart the luggage space which is made wider, so that it can accommodate strollers for riders who bring babies . “This is based on our survey in several cities in Indonesia, such as in Makassar, Balikpapan, Medan and of course Jakarta, where consumers want a compact car that can load a lot of things, including a stroller,” said Harano San, who also said that the changes made to the frame sector, increasing luggage capacity by 48% from the previous Brio or 258 liters (84 liters more than the previous Brio). It was obtained after the luggage space was made to increase the length of 90 mm from before. So, to get this wider space, the wheelbase was extended by 60 mm compared to the first generation Brio. So that in total dimensions, the overall length adds about 160 mm. Indeed, when we tried to sit in the second row or the back seat, the space for the legs felt more relieved. Even though the body posture is 179 cm. But the unique thing is, even though it bears the name All New, it turns out that not all parts are developed new. The proof is that the platform still uses the same platform as Brio or similar to Jazz. However, it was developed and strengthened at several points, to pursue a wider cabin and trunk volume, as well as safety for its users. Not

only that, the driving motor still carries the same engine as the Brio Gen 1. Namely, coded L12B with a capacity of 1,200 cc 4-cylinder i-VTEC, which is capable of spewing power 90 PS (88.7 hp) at 6,000 rpm and 110 Nm of torque at 4,800 Nm, both for manual transmission and CVT. This machine has Euro 4 emission standards. “Look, in the automotive industry, not everything that is called All New does not have to be new. A product that has undergone major changes and changed drastically from the previous product, can be called All New,” said Jonfs Fandy, Director of Marketing & After Sales of PT. HPM. However, despite carrying the same engine as the first generation Brio, Honda made revisions to the transmission sector, especially the CVT type. “In the previous Brio, when doing a stop and go in a traffic jam, even though the gas pedal was only slightly stepped on, the owner felt a strong jolt of power. So, in the new Brio, we have refined it a bit, so that it is more comfortable to stop and go. But still responsive,” explained Harano San in an exclusive interview. Oh yes, the All New Brio is offered in two types, namely Brio Satya and Brio RS. What distinguishes the two lies in the roof, where the Brio RS has a black color that impresses like a panoramic roof. While Brio Satya is the same color as the body. In the interior, it is also distinguished by giving accent lines or an orange list in several parts of the dashboard. Meanwhile, on Brio Satya, the list is silver. Not only that, in the legs are also different. Brio Satya carries a single tone aluminum rim measuring 14” with Triple Dynamic Design for grade E. Meanwhile, the S garde uses a three-spoke model with a 3D concept, with a dynamic double layer design. Meanwhile, the Brio RS uses a two-tone aluminum rim with a 15” diameter Piano Black Design. “When it comes to safety features, all types have applied ABS brakes,” said Jonfs. Oh yes, regarding the price, Jonfs said that at this time his party could not provide an exact number. “Maybe around September or October we will announce it.”

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