June 8, 2023

Explain the Difference Between Rock Songs and Jazz Songs – , Jakarta The nature of jazz consists of several elements. Jazz is a genre of music that is known everywhere. even in Indonesia

Not many people like jazz music in Indonesia. The melodious voice with smooth rhythms will surely amaze the ears of jazz lovers.

Explain the Difference Between Rock Songs and Jazz Songs

Even events with the title of jazz music are celebrated in Indonesia both internationally and nationally, jazz events such as Java Jazz and Prambanan Jazz often invite foreign jazz musicians whose performances are no doubt.

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Knowing the characteristics of jazz music is very important to explore one of these genres. The following is a summary from various sources, Tuesday (9/7/2019), about the nature of jazz music.

Before knowing the characteristics of jazz music, of course you have to understand what jazz is. Jazz is a type of music that originates from South America. which was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century over time, jazz music developed in various forms, but the most important element of jazz music is improvisation.

You could say that music is jazz if it has harmony, rhythm and melody, it doesn’t stop there. Musicians can add swings and improvisation. Many people say that jazz is improvisation.

So in general Jazz is music with a harmonious rhythm, improvisation and several instruments. Jazz is generally played with a variety of exotic instruments such as trumpets, pianos and guitars.

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The most important feature of jazz music is improvisation. It’s actually difficult for jazz musicians to play the same songs in the same style over and over again. This has to do with the custom of improvisation in jazz music. Jazz can be played solo, in duet, or on a large scale.

The nature of jazz music is clearly different from other types of music. In general, the hallmark of jazz music is the use of special jazz instruments that are commonly used such as trumpet, piano, bass, saxophone, guitar, drums and violin. Jazz grew very fast.

In addition, jazz features must have a high rhythmic or rhythmic pitch. The sound produced by jazz will make listeners stomp their feet and dance.

The next hallmark of jazz music is the Blue Note, or you could say it is similar to the blues tone. Because jazz originally came from the blues genre.

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The rhythm that makes your feet want to move and dance is a hallmark of jazz music. It is also known as a swing rhythm or soft rhythm that is pleasant to hear, especially for those who like jazz music.

Many streams of jazz music have had a major influence on its development to date. It was this trend that turned jazz into the jazz we see today.

Dixieland is a band whose musicians use many instruments such as trumpet, trombone, guitar, piano, clarinet, banjo and bass. Dixieland hails from New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. With the popularity of Dixieland, many other bands chose the same genre as Dixieland, a fusion of ragtime and Sicilian music. Even jazz legend Louis Armstrong revived Dixieland after the postwar era ended.

Swings are played smoothly and slowly in ragtime. In contrast to earlier jazz, which was often known for its relatively fast tempo, in the 1940s all jazz musicians played this swing style.

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After swing Jazz continues to grow. Even a new trend called Bebop Bebop is a type of swing that has developed into a faster version. This bebop jazz genre offers fast and fun jazz. Until now Bebop music has become a trend that is still quite popular.

Soul jazz is one of the most influential jazz genres. This soul jazz trend is often considered blues because it developed from blues, soul, and gospel expressions.

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