June 4, 2023

Explain the Advantages of Cooperatives Having the Meaning of Unity โ€“ Since 1947, Indonesian cooperatives have used Pancasila symbols such as banyan trees, gears, chains, cotton and stars as their logos. This suggests that these financial institutions emerged as a form of value realization that depended on the Indonesian government.

This collaborative logo was used until 2012, when it was changed to a more modern look. The new Co-op logo features a pale green mosaic shape. The mosaic icon, while looking modern, didn’t last long.

Explain the Advantages of Cooperatives Having the Meaning of Unity

Until 2015, the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Pushpa Yoga decided to reuse the old logo. Although they look very different, the philosophy behind the meaning of the old and new logos actually represents the intention to create cooperatives in Indonesia.

Proceedings of the National Pnfi Seminar 2016 Yogyakarta State University By Pls Fip Uny

The image above the collaboration logo is a symbol of continuous and consistent efforts. That is, hardworking people can become members of a cooperative if they meet certain requirements.

The chain to the left of the banyan tree represents strong bonds of kinship, unity and friendship. That is, every member of the cooperative is the owner. Thus all members participate and at the same time agree on the AD (Articles of Association) / ART (Articles of Association) of the cooperative.

Similar to the Panchasila symbol, the images of rice and cotton on the right side of the banyan are symbols of prosperity in line with the purpose of establishing a cooperative, namely for the welfare of its members. Rice symbolizes the need for food, while cotton represents the basic need for clothing.

If all cooperative members can fulfill these two conditions well, then this financial institution can be said to be successful in realizing the vision and mission and achieving the main goal of establishing a cooperative.

Unity and Unity of the Nation Must Be Understood By The Attitudes Of Community Citizens In Order To Realize Things

The fifth precept, social justice, is the basis and legal symbol of cooperatives. That’s why the image of the scales is also used as a symbol of cooperation. The scale symbolizes the hope that all members of the cooperative have a spirit of justice.

The shield is the symbol of Pancasila and the ideal foundation for cooperatives. It is hoped that every member of the Cooperative can follow the values โ€‹โ€‹of faith and trust (first precepts, trust in God Almighty) in their conscience. This symbol represents the body (shield) and heart (star).

Beringin is a portrait of the deep-rooted social nature and personality of the Indonesian people. People working in the cooperative sector are expected to be financially, occupationally and socially strong.

The writing on the cooperative symbol shows that the financial institution was created for the Indonesian people. This spelling has another meaning, which is a symbol of the existence of cooperatives in the economy and their desire to become one of the pillars of the country’s economy.

Unity and Unity of the Nation, An Important Capital to Realize a Peaceful and Anti-Radicalism Indonesia

The use of flag colors as the background for the logo shows the spirit of Indonesian cooperative nationalism. This background shows the pride and love of cooperative members for their country and nation.

Even though it was only used briefly, the collaboration flower mosaic logo is no better than the banyan tree symbol. The logo used between 2012-2015 includes a flower.

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