May 31, 2023

Exciting Video Allegedly Rebecca Klopper Previously, the video, which had a duration of 47 seconds, featured a woman who looked like Fadly Faisal’s lover, Rebecca Klopper. Netizens suspect that the female character in the video is Rebecca Klopper.

The video has shown a woman with a man who behaved indecently. In connection with this viral video, Rebecca Klopper is now in the spotlight of various media.

However, netizens actually attacked Rebecca’s sister, Jessica Klopper. Netizens stormed Jessica Klopper to clarify the disturbing video case of her sister.

Rebecca Klopper is already in the public spotlight after the spread of the indecent video which is currently viral on social media. The reason is, the actress in the video is mentioned as Rebecca Klopper.

Exciting Video Allegedly Rebecca Klopper

The name Rebecca Klopper, which is still the talk of everyone today. The reason is the circulation of an interesting video that is said to be about the resemblance of an artist named Rebecca Klopper.

Netizens then simply started searching for the truth about the actor in the hilarious video, the male and female characters believed to be the VCR.

It is known that the viral video was first uploaded to Twitter by the Twitter account @dedekkugem. In the video clip, a woman who is believed to be Rebecca Klopper is seen doing a couple’s relationship scene.

Although the video initially circulated for 47 seconds, a 6-second video later emerged. Until netizens began to mention that there was a video that lasted 11 minutes and was much sought after by netizens.

So far, the 47-second hilarious video is known to have been watched more than 4 million times. But now Twitter has deleted the hilarious video, making many netizens curious and looking around.

Not a few netizens have started to compare the female character in the viral video with Rebecca Klopper. Starting from the clothes she was wearing to the location of the birthmark on the left side of the woman’s stomach which was said to be suitable for Rebecca Klopper.

Exciting Video Allegedly Rebecca Klopper Viral on Twitter, Link to Watch Full Duration


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After the video went viral, Rebecca Klopper is now in the spotlight of various media. But in fact, netizens actually attacked Rebecca’s sister, Jessica Klopper.

Jessica Klopper previously uploaded a photo on her Instagram social media account @jessicaklppr. In the photo, he is seen wearing a black t-shirt with the words: “better that way”.

The photo was uploaded two weeks ago, but now the comments on the photo include netizens’ concerns about the disturbing video that happened to Rebecca Klopper’s sister.

Internet users asked for clarification on whether Rebecca’s sister, Jessica Klopper, is part of the family.

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