May 29, 2023

Example of a 2021 Cpns Account Card – When we want to register for CPNS through the official sscn website, we must first register and have an SSCN 2023 account detail card. Registration is done by filling in identity documents, education and uploading the required data. Some files are images or scanned documents.

After the data entry is complete, we can download and print the sscn 2023 account information card to serve as proof of account registration. For those who may register for CPNS in previous years

Example of a 2021 Cpns Account Card

When the card is printed and it turns out that the SSCN 2023 account detail card doesn’t have a picture of us.

How to Download and Print the Cpns 2021 Exam Card Page All

The SSCN 2023 account information card doesn’t have an image because the latest card format doesn’t use an image. All CPNS 2023 participants will get a card without a photo. Every year the government through the BKN opens civil servant registration with policies or administrative registration requirements which are of course not the same, there are always different sections or requirements.

An example is the image on this card, the image on this year’s card was deliberately not published. This is different from previous years which showed the applicant’s photo on the card. Not sure why the commission didn’t show a photo of the registrant on this year’s card, if that has something to do with privacy or something else.

By looking at the sample cards in the SSCN 2023 registration guide, it’s clear that we need to improve. Photo of the registrant is not displayed there, only the registrant’s identity information such as KTP number, account name, etc. , gender, registration date or time, etc.

The answer is no. Don’t worry about not getting a pass if you don’t have a photo on your information card according to the latest rules. This year the sscn website system does not display images on our account information card.

So the Requirements for Joining the Cpns 2021 Skd, What Is a Health Declaration Card?

However, during the registration process, we have to make sure that we have uploaded our photo, ID and selfie. Set current conditions so that you can upload your KTP and identity such as the size limit of the file you want to upload or the file extension as it affects the registration process.

Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the failure of the account registration process. Not because of the presence or absence of pictures on our information boards. So what exactly does the card do?

The ssc 2023 account information card is proof that we have completed the first stage of registration on the SSCN portal in 2023. So that we can download and print the card to proceed to the next step, namely logging in to SSCASN registration with NIK. and the password that we registered earlier.

Actually, the 2023 sscn account information card is needed as one of the requirements for registering for CPNS 2023. Usually there is no picture on the card because the new system was deliberately made that way. So no, we don’t need to worry if you follow all our instructions and meet the requirements to register as CPNS this year.

How to Create a CPNs Registration Account on the Sscasn Portal Bkn

The 2021 CPNS Basic Skills Selection or SKD Results will be announced soon. However, there are still several ministries and agencies that have not completed these activities.

For participants who have not submitted an SKD, there are several documents that need to be prepared. One of them is the 2021 CPNS test card as a mandatory condition for the CPNS SKD exam.

Information on the diploma includes personal identification such as name, NIK and gender as well as selection information such as the number of participants, the location of the exam and the structure of the position being applied for.

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