June 4, 2023

Eel Natural Code – In life there are many events that might happen and give a sign of something. For example, things related to animals, eels, of course, also have hidden intentions in them.

According to the primbon eel book, this animal has its own position in nature which can be used as a sign of something.

In this article I will discuss this event which has been summarized in such a way that it is easy to read and understand.

For more details about the eel erek according to primbon, you can listen to the explanation below.

Erek Erek Nature Code 2D 3D 4D

This one animal, as you know, lives in rice fields or places where there are many sources of water.

In the eel erek book, the meaning of the dream of fishing for eels was known to old people who lived in ancient times.

Because for those of you who are new to the world of interpretation, you must be confused with natural codes or the meaning of dreams from things that are happening around you.

For this reason, here I have made several lists of people who are experts in their field to get the numbers you want.

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Natural Code Seeing Eels

If you are caught accidentally seeing an eel that is surfacing, of course this is not normal. The reason is that this one animal lives in the mud and only comes out at night.

If you dream of seeing eels, of course there is a separate interpretation that will occur and numbers will come out.

  • 2D (60-98).
  • 3D (765-554).
  • 4D (4677-2177).

Natural Eel Fishing Code

If you sleep and have a strange dream like the meaning of the dream of fishing for eels according to the erek erek book, this is a rare occurrence. And those of you who experience it get points.

  • 2D (42-57).
  • 3D (787-790).
  • 4D (7689-9887).

Nature’s Code for Catching Eels

If you experience the incident of catching eels according to the erek erek book, this has its own meaning or the meaning of the dream of catching eels with your bare hands. And the numbers that will come out are not far from the numbers below.

  • 2D (89-34).
  • 3D (889-452).
  • 4D (1789-1121).

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Nature’s Code to Eat Eels

In a dream of eating eels, of course there are things that can be interpreted and will bring something to the meaning of the dream of eating eels. Because this one animal is actually an animal that is rare for consumption and if you get the meaning of the eel dream then the numbers will come out.

  • 2D (22-24).
  • 3D (215-223).
  • 4D (1577-3351).

Nature’s Code Kills Eels

If you intentionally or unintentionally kill an eel in a rice field or dream of killing a 2D giant eel. Of course this will issue numbers like the one below.

  • 2D (11-12).
  • 3D (890-244).
  • 4D (3451-2268).


From the above article it can be concluded that all events in nature or the meaning of eels have their own meaning.

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Thus the discussion regarding the natural code meaning of eel dreams, I hope this article can help you, hopefully it’s useful, thank you.

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