May 29, 2023

Draft Drawings in the Form of Rough Scratches Called – Drawing is a process of expressing thoughts and ideas through the language of images. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), drawing is drawing objects, people, animals, etc. Imitative activity by drawing pencil or tool lines. on two-dimensional media such as paper, walls, etc. However, the results of painting activities are not limited to the copying of objects. Images can convey the emotions, thoughts and feelings of the image maker. We can see the emotions and feelings of a person in the images he creates. There are many types of images. One of them is a picture of the model. Below is an understanding of style, principles, drawing techniques, along with examples of drawings.

The model is creating an inspiring object for the model drawing activity. Wayang drawing is a drawing activity with reference to pictorial objects made in the form of three-dimensional objects or recorded in a two-dimensional plane in terms of similarity/accuracy, shape and color. You need to focus on the principles, procedures and methods of drawing good and accurate drawings. Model image objects are very diverse. This includes both moving objects (people, animals and plants) and inanimate objects (cups, plates, bottles, bowls, etc.).

Draft Drawings in the Form of Rough Scratches Called

Drawing models of living things such as humans, animals and plants has a high level of difficulty. Drawing animals is one of the most difficult subjects in drawing. Because the movements and positions of the animals cannot be adjusted to the artist’s wishes. Therefore, it is necessary to be more careful and careful when taking portraits. Examples of animal patterns that are relatively easy to draw include cows, goats, cats, dogs, chickens, horses, rabbits, and other types of pets.

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When modeling with human objects It is important to understand anatomy. (the position of the bones and muscle structures that measure the concavity and convexity of the human body) and the proportions of the human body. It is important to know the correct and rational comparison of measurements, such as the ratio of head size to body size. Sleeve Length vs Sleeve Length shoulder width versus ideal height, etc. In general, standard formulas/rules for the proportions of the human body are determined in portraits, including:

Model drawing objects are interesting drawing objects in the form of plants. The techniques and procedures are simpler than drawing mannequins with human and animal models. Focus on model drawing principles such as drawing principles, composition, and drawing techniques properly and accurately. Because the results of your images must be the same. with the right rules and regulations Drawing some plant models that are very easy to do is draw various types of flowers in the garden, various trees in the garden, various fruits in the garden, etc.

Composition is the arrangement or arrangement of subjects between one subject and another so as to form a harmonious form.

Composition is a way of arranging image objects that are used as subjects to produce attractive, soft, and beautiful images. Composition is achieved by arranging image objects according to their shape, size, color, or type according to the background of the image. The structure type is:

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A. Symmetrical composition, namely the arrangement of shapes and objects Placing the subject in a balanced position between the right and left

B. Asymmetrical composition Moreover, the placement and size of the image objects on the right and left are not the same. but still prioritizing proportion, balance and unity between subjects.

C. Central composition Placing the image object in the center/point of interest in the middle of the image area. taking into account the shape and proportions of the model to create balance and unity between the objects being drawn.

Proportion is the comparison of the shape and form of an object between one part and another in an ideal and harmonious manner. Painting with the right proportions will give ideal and satisfying results. However, if the image is made with the correct proportions neglected, it will look strange and awkward, for example making objects that are shaped like drinking vessels, such as bowls, without paying attention to the correct proportions of the pouring and the pitcher. It will be less even and harmonious if the bowl is the same size as the pouring scale and jug.

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Balance is the balance between the drawing object, the drawing area, and the resulting image. Balance in model drawing is achieved by applying a perspective effect to the drawn object, drawing perspective, or drawing scale.

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