May 29, 2023

Love, loss, friendships broken, emotions tested. Drama is a place to experience all of these different scenarios for yourself. What happens next will always be unpredictable or surprising for the characters involved.

Acquaintance with the world as never before. Welcome to a world different from any other you have ever seen. Fantasy tests the boundaries of reality and realism. Escape the life you live and experience the untold stories of a world you only imagined in dreams.

Slapstick, puns, drama, memes. All of the following and more can be found in this category. So if you are looking for a good laugh you should check out the Comedy section.

Actual action sequences, explosive and panel scenes, and characters that are constantly being tested fall into this category. Get your blood and adrenaline pumping while reading these exciting stories.

Everyday life moments are also great to see. Witness the good life of ordinary people like us. Slice of Life brings you back to Earth to enjoy the little things. Life lessons exist throughout this genre.

Subtle, seductive, elusive, sexy. Everything romantic and relationship wise can be found in this specific category. Watch as unexpected love unfolds right before your eyes.

Those whose abilities are larger than life. They can change the world with their powers. Please take a look at the stories of the Gods among us. The ones chosen to protect, defend, or destroy society as we know it. Superhero stories are a true test of truth and morality.

Test the limits of physics, science and technology. Science Fiction stories are way behind this genre. You may not be mentally prepared for the reality-busting nature of this category.

Investigative, suspenseful and exciting. Apart from that, everything that gets your heart racing and your mind can be found in the Thriller section.

This can’t be real. This would never happen in the real world, right? Are you a believer in ghosts and spirits? Then, come to the Supernatural Section for more stories like this one.

Discover the truth behind various criminal cases, murder mysteries and more. All of these things are made to question our own expectations. So if twists, turns and such is something that appeals to you, Mystery is your genre.

There are more subcategories available for viewing as well. Make sure to download the app to enjoy these stories. Or, even add your won to this genre in the future.

WEBTOON features

WEBTOON features

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Androids 4.3 or higher

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