June 8, 2023

saparapi.id – Nowadays there are indeed many applications that imitate instant messaging. Especially the WhatsApp application. Whatsapp, which is often better known and widely known as WA, of course there is a modified type of application. Starting from Aero Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp and many more. However, from GB Whatsapp itself, there are also several problems related to the expiration time of use. And this time we will share a download link for WA GB without expiration in 2022.

There are many advantages that you can feel and use when you use WhatsApp that has been modified. For example, related to reading deleted statuses, and even being able to read messages that have been deleted too. What’s more with the variety of things you can use to do other scouting. Starting from downloading statuses and things you can’t do when you use the original Whatsapp.

With some of these advantages, of course it will benefit you. Whatsapp is indeed the instant messaging application that is most widely used by everyone on this earth. Moreover, this instant messaging technology can not only be used for chatting, even now you can make video calls with various groups and can make a group call.

Almost all business sectors use this application. Even now it has been used by hundreds of millions of people. If you look at the app store alone, now there are billions of downloads of this app. Not to mention the Apple app store and users who use Windows or Linux devices.

Of course, if you go global with various existing devices and have used this application, it could be up to the whole world and almost half of the world’s population uses instant messaging. Before this application finally became the property of the Meta company, it used to be an instant messaging application that was nice and concise, and even didn’t have many annoying features.

GB WA feature without expiration

WA GB Without Expired

There are many advantages that you can get if you use WA GB without expiration. In fact, you can find many features that you won’t find in the original version of the Whatsapp application. Here are some of the advantages that you will get if you use our WA GB MOD application.

1. Status Downloader

There is a status downloader so you can download all the statuses in your contacts without needing help from other applications. Thus, this will provide a lot of convenience in saving other people’s statuses both in the form of images and in the form of videos. Because actually there is no this feature in the original Whatsapp application from the developer.

Meanwhile, if you want to save other people’s status, you need to use the help of third-party applications. But this will be more concise and still have one feature by using our WA GB MOD.

2. Anti Delete Status

If you find a lot of statuses in your contacts, then you will only be able to view them. Thus, you can’t download and won’t even be able to see if their status has been deleted. There are indeed rules from within this application if the status will disappear within 24 hours. And this can be removed by yourself by simply deleting the status.

But if you want to see this deleted status, you won’t be able to see it if you use the original application from the developer. In contrast to this GB WA, you can still see the status of people who have been deleted as long as it is within 24 hours after the status was published.

3. Anti Delete Messages

By using this feature, of course you will be able to see all incoming messages that have been deleted by the sender. Of course you won’t find this feature in the original WA application right? You can enjoy this and later there will be a delete logo, if indeed the message has been deleted by the sender of the message.

4. Privacy Check

This tick is already a feature in this application. But you can modify it and even if the message doesn’t reach you and is still pending. And it stays logged in and you can read it too. So the sender of the message won’t have a blue tick, and even only tick one. This will be very useful if indeed you are currently maintaining your privacy from many people.

5. Hide Online

When someone uses the WA application, then on the other person’s side there will be an online status. This way you won’t be seen online from all your contacts, even if you have the app open. Thus you will not be seen if you are currently using WhatsApp.

6. Hide Privacy and Profile Photo

You can hide your privacy and even hide all existing profiles from all contacts on your phone.

7. Long Duration Status for Videos

You can use this feature by providing status in this application. In fact, this can contain a longer video duration than using the application from the original party. You can even send a larger file size than using the original application.

8. Privacy View Status

You can now become a spy. And with this it will give full access for you to be able to see everyone’s status, without you being seen in it. Thus it can be more comfortable in using this application.

9. There Are Many Themes

In this application there are indeed many types of themes, and you can even use these for free. You can use themes from various existing developers. And in it there are already dozens of themes. In fact, you can change the type of icon or even the font or color freely as you wish.

10. Send Messages without Save Number

If you are a marketer, you can easily use this application. And even now you can send messages to all numbers without saving them first. Thus it will not interfere with the storage of your contacts.

How to install WA GB without expiration

For how to install, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Download the WA GB application without expiration on the link we have provided.
  2. Then just put it in the download folder in your internal memory.
  3. Then you can afterwards grant access to unknown sources and enable this feature in the Android settings.
  4. Then go into the download folder and just install this application.
  5. Sign in to your account, and then log out of your old app. If you can just delete it.

Download WA GB Without Expires 2022

Here’s a link that you can use to have GB WA without expiration.

Download WA GB without expiration

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