May 29, 2023

Camping Tycoon Mod Apk is a camping-themed simulation game that is very popular among everyone. Intrigued by the game? Check out some of the reviews below.

Adventure games have become so widely played by gamers that sometimes people get tired of playing them. In order for you to have a new variety of games, you should try other games that are more interesting and fun.

Of course, if you’re on a cell phone, there are actually a lot of game options. You can try them one by one, we recommend you to play a simulation game.

Well, you can play a simulation game to get a new variation called Camping Tycoon Mod apk.

As the name suggests, this is a camping game that anyone can play. You should know that this game is again a version of the popular enemy, especially for those who like simulation games.

There are no adrenaline-pumping scenes in this mod game, so the gameplay is very calm and perfect for relaxing. So if you are bored with RPG or battle royale games, this game can be the right choice.

In fact, this game is also the original version, which can later be found on the Google Play Store or App Store. We’d love to see a modded version, because that’s what gamers are excited about.

Indeed, a mod game has its own charm, especially in its features and advantages, so it’s only natural that many people play it. So, are you curious about this Camping Tycoon Mod Apk? If yes, please see below.

About Camping Tycoon Mod Apk

Download the Most Popular Camping Tycoon Mod Apk Without Ads

Please note in advance that Camping Tycoon Mod Apk is a simulation game where you are tasked with taking care of the camp. So this game is not about adventure, but about boosting the camping business and making it lively.

Camping is a new tourist destination in this game and your task as a player is to manage and farm so that you have a lot of tourists. Of course it will not be easy because it definitely requires sufficient funds.

Your camp is open to the public, which means the characters will visit it and then spend the night. From there, you can earn money to buy other camping equipment.

Of course, for your campground to grow and develop quickly, you must have and offer everything you need. Of course, tourists definitely need good equipment for fire, cooking, tents and others.

Camping equipment is of course a must-have for you as the host in this place, so that the needs of the people who come here are always met. But of course, to have them all, you have to buy them with in-game currency.

In addition, this game also has cartoon character decorations which are definitely very cute. This game also has two modes, day and night, which are now the main attraction of this game.

Actually there are many other interesting things that we will discuss in this article. If you are interested, please see the information below.

Features of Camping Tycoon Mod Apk

Another cool thing that is interesting for us to discuss is in terms of features, of course a modified application will not provide more benefits. Even the advantages of this feature may be the main reason why people play this Camping Tycoon mod apk.

Of course, you won’t find all of these features in the original version, because that’s actually one of the developer’s tasks, so they’re only included in the game modifications you make. This means that if you want to enjoy it, you have to use this mod game.

So, are you curious about all the features of this camping tycoon apk game? If so, check out our full review below.

Unlimited Money

The first feature that you will find when you play Camping Tycoon Mod Apk on your device is unlimited money. As we explained, money is one of the important components when you play this simulation game.

If you don’t have a lot of money, your camp will likely go bankrupt and empty. Therefore, in this modified game, the money enrichment function is implemented. Allow players to always have plenty of money to meet the needs of tourists living in your camp.

Free Treatment

In addition to free camp design, management and maintenance services can be obtained free of charge. You should know that in the original version, you have to pay if you want to use this feature.

Maintenance and repair management includes tent repairmen, cleaners, etc. All things or services for management and maintenance are now free to use and welcome.

Camping Site Design

If you have ever played the game Camping Tycoon Mod apk, then you will also design campsites for free. You should know that this design activity is very important because you will be able to make your campsite as attractive as possible.

Not only that, you can also rebuild outdated places so that they are again crowded with tourists. Of course, with money you can do many things especially build a campground.

Ad Free

The last feature that you can get by playing the Camping Tycoon Mod apk game is that there are no ads in it. You need to know that this game has cool features because there are no more annoying things to do while playing.

With this feature, users will be more comfortable when playing this game because they will no longer find advertisements and they can focus on taking care of the campground they have.

Download the Latest Camping Tycoon Mod Apk 2022

If you are familiar with the features and see some of the differences, you can definitely tell which version of Camping Tycoon you want to use. Judging from the features and differences above, surely many people will choose the Camping Tycoon mod apk version.

Since this modified game is far superior to the original, you can see the full specifications below before downloading it.

Game Name Camping Tycoon Mod Apk
Version Latest Version
Size 200MB
OS Android 5.0+
Download links Here

If you see and feel that your smartphone is suitable for downloading this modified game, then just follow the steps that the admin has prepared below.

How to Install Camping Tycoon Mod Apk

After successfully completing the download process above, you will definitely be asked to install the application. This method is indeed one of the requirements if you want to use a modified game.

If any of these methods fail, you may not be able to play the modified game you want. If you are still confused, don’t worry because as a blog that understands consumer needs, we have a tutorial. So, you can directly follow the installation steps below.

  • First, make sure the download process is complete.
  • But don’t rush to download.
  • Because you need to go into the settings menu and visit Privacy and Security Allow “Unknown Sources”.
  • Do this process correctly so that the application is ready to install on your phone.
  • After that, immediately open the file manager on your device.
  • Then you search the download folder to find the game file that you have successfully downloaded.
  • To start the application installation process, click.
  • If it does, the installation will happen automatically and you will have to wait.
  • Then, if successful, click Install now.
  • Finally, the application will be installed on the phone.
  • Finished.

Security Camping Tycoon Modified Version

If you use game mods, both offline and online, you must know and understand their safety. If you don’t know, you can get hurt, because every modified game or application user is definitely at risk.

The risks vary, for example if you use the online version of the mod it will be permanently blocked. If you use the offline version of the mod, you may be exposed to malware which can slow down your phone and cause it to crash.

Therefore, it can be interpreted that modified games including the Camping Tycoon Mod APK are not safe to use. And it’s best to only use the original version, it’s guaranteed safety even though all the features are limited.


Enough discussion about Camping Tycoon Mod Apk. Thank you for seeing some reviews regarding one of these modified versions of the game.

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